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2006 Fall Newsletter

2006 Fall Newsletter

It’s hard to believe but the leaves are falling, Halloween is drawing near, and the club is buttoned up for winter once again. All in all it was a good year. We had a successful racing season, including hosting the Rhodes 19 National Championships, many enjoyable social events, starting with the Spring Dinner in April and continuing through the final dinner at the end of September, and we welcomed over 50 new members into the club. On the administration side, the club signed a new 10 year lease with the town with annual rent set to increase at the rate of inflation as in the prior lease. Many thanks to the Board, Ron and his staff, and the numerous volunteers who helped get things done.

Thanks also to Sailing Program Director Suzie Lintern and her almost all new staff of coaches, instructors and assistants for a safe and successful year. We expect to see Suzie return as Director next season and build on the successes of her first year.

I’m pleased to be able to report that the Capital Fund Drive that the Board of Governors initiated in August to replenish reserves and fund capital projects has gotten off to a very strong start, with donations received from over 100 individuals, and helped significantly by a very generous matching grant received from an SBYC family. Please consider a donation to the Capital Fund Drive, if you haven’t already, and help us wind up the fund drive ahead of schedule!

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year!

Ned Jeffries, Commodore


The Spring Newsletter noted the challenges the club has faced over the last several years of declining membership, rising operating costs and growing needs for capital improvements. The July club meeting fleshed out the numbers to substantiate these trends and noted that club reserves had fallen to a critically low level, threatening our ability to operate in the first quarter of 2007.

To deal with the situation, the Board initiated a Capital Fund drive. To date we have achieved our first phase goal, and are making good progress toward our second phase goal. We are 80% of the way toward completing the overall campaign, well ahead of schedule. In addition, although operating revenue is expected to fall below budgeted amounts (probably due to a continued drop in membership), operating expenses have also fallen below budget forecasts, due to poor weather, the early departure of launch operator staff, and a number of lesser factors attributable to prudent management. As a result we will likely end the operating year with a modest surplus. All in all, the club finances are in excellent shape and improving, a situation far removed from the experiences of the last several years.

Frank Hassler

House Committee

The summer season ended with the facilities and equipment in good shape going forward thanks to the efforts of several club members, the launch operators, Ron, and the former House Committee chair, Frank Hassler. Thanks go out to the members who helped tow the floats to Granite Pier on Columbus Day, as well as haul them out a few days later.

Several capital projects were completed around the club this summer, both planned and unplanned. These included a new awning, float, shower, and launch engine. Thanks to the Harbormaster Department for donating the installation of 50-amp power service in the front of the club for transient boats, as well as the floor in the new shower.

Looking forward the Club has several short term projects that need attention. Planning has already begun for the overhaul of the engine and other necessary repairs on the Committee Boat. We hope to have this project completed by the start of the 2007 season. Other expected short term projects include another new launch engine, replacement of the small hoist, roof repairs, and two new sliding doors for the upstairs offices. We have not yet prioritized these and other projects for 2007 but will be doing so in the coming months.

Please contact me with suggestions about any House Committee projects. I hope to see you all at Work Day in May!

Story Reed

Race Committee

With our boats and the club bundled up for the winter (except those of us who are just starting the frostbiting season) it’s a good time to kick back and recall the highlights of another great sailing season at Sandy Bay:

  • Pat Stadel covered the ins and outs of Rule 18, Rounding and Passing Marks and Obstructions—otherwise known as the "buoy-room" rule on July 2nd. It was a fascinating class with extensive Q&A time that generated a lively discussion. Pat’s seminars have been an eagerly awaited, annual event at Sandy Bay for several years now. Even though she is moving to San Diego this winter, we’re hoping to lure her back next year, so watch for a date in the spring newsletter.

  • The club hosted two major regattas: the annual Ned Hay Regatta for Star boats and the Rhodes 19 Nationals. The Ned Hay has become famous on the Star circuit for the unique prizes offered (original artwork donated by local artists) as well as the great racing venue. Volunteers from all the Sandy Bay fleets did the club proud during the Rhodes 19 Nationals–competitors from as far away as India and Montana were thrilled with the hospitality, race management, and great competition at the regatta.



Rhodes 19 Nationals

Ned Hay Regatta

  • New PROs and volunteers for the Race Committee made a huge contribution to the racing season as we returned to an all-volunteer race committee. Thanks to the efforts of these volunteers we were able to make a number of long-overdue upgrades to race committee equipment.

  • Last, but not least, it was another great year of competition and camaraderie!

Jim Lidington

Social Committee

Summer of 2006 was a successful year for social dinners. I wish I could have accommodated everyone who wanted to come to the dinners, but with limited seating we had to go with first come, first serve. The Lobster/ Steak dinner was very popular again this year and the weather cooperated very nicely for us. Bob and I did our best to cook your steaks just right for you… some we got, some we missed. We won’t be opening our own restaurant anytime soon.



The most popular dinner was the end of the summer potluck. We do have some fabulous cooks in our midst. The social committee kept the cost down to just cover the dessert, set ups and table coverings. Your feedback is welcome as to whether we do another one in June of ’07.


Sunday Morning Coffee

It was wonderful to see so many new members and families at the Senior/Junior cookout. Again, the weather was good to us.

Last year, I had many positive comments regarding the Spring Dinner at the Hawthorne in Salem. I am working with my daughter to see if we can make that happen again at the end of April.

Watch your newsletter for opportunities to volunteer. Jo-Ann, Shirley and I could use some help setting up for the dinners and for a clean-up crew to help at the end of the evening.

See you at the After Pageant Social in December. Please bring some finger foods to the club before you head to the pageant. The punch will be ready…

Pam Prichard

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee has had a fun and active summer. Based on feedback from new members, they enjoyed it, too. We focused most of our collective energy on making our new members feel welcomed and to help them stay abreast of activities going on at the club. Our working list of new members consistently included those who joined this year and last year, which we affectionately referred to as the "classes of 2005 and 2006." They received very regular email updates to keep them tuned in.

We began actively meeting in February, when Ellen Lidington and Dana Jorgensson took over as co-chairs. Throughout the spring, the committee worked with Beth Leahy, former committee chair, to assist in the refining of her visual and written concept for a brand new Sandy Bay Yacht Club brochure. These handsome brochures, timeless in content and style, should serve us well for a number of years.

Other changes we introduced in the form of printed materials included a new "Quick Start" and a new format for welcome packets. The Quick Start was a folded 8-1/2 x 11 inch yellow piece of paper that provided important tidbits of information such as snack bar hours, primary contacts, key club policies on one side and on the other side a scale drawing of the club, labeled to help new members orient themselves easily to the different areas of the club. And, yes, we can make them generally available to anyone who would like one! Our welcome packets were red pocket folders that included, in addition to the new brochure and Quick Start, other helpful items like the phone directory, bylaws and club policies, Spring newsletter, sailing program brochure, plus letters from the commodore and membership committee. Our goal was to give our new members a great first impression.

New member activities included the annual Open House on Sunday, July 2nd, as well as a new activity type we called "Casual Friday." We hosted one in June and one in July. The concept is a casual reception on the porch of the club from 5:30 p.m. to about 7:00 p.m., where new members participated in a ‘meet and greet’ with Board of Governors, the Membership Committee, the Harbormasters and key staff members. These were very well attended and the second one entertained us with a spectacular, unscripted, lightning show. Our final new member event was a somewhat spontaneous BYO gathering at the club in September to kind of "officially" bid farewell to the season. Again, we were delighted with the response.

Our membership season went well. We are pleased with the response to our efforts. We expect to continue the initiatives begun this year and hope to add more things going forward. Our planning begins in the "offseason," so if you have ideas or tips, please forward them directly to Dana or Ellen, or any member of the Membership Committee. In a small club like Sandy Bay, we are all effectively on the Membership team, so remember to regularly talk up the club.

Dana C. Jorgensson
Ellen L. Lidington

SBYC Fleet Captain

With the majority of work already completed by Jim Lidington, we put the finishing touches on the new Sandy Bay Yacht Club Storm and Hurricane Policy. Luckily there was never a need to enact the policy throughout the 2006 season. I’m told we can all breathe easier because the floats are safely tucked away.

The summer social schedule was packed and a big thanks to all the fleets who contributed to the Sunday Socials. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the Labor Day Social which was sponsored by all of the racing fleets at Sandy Bay. Please feel free to email me with any suggestions you may have to improve the post race socials in coming years.

Stay warm this winter.

Jake Fiumara

Sailing Program

I wish to thank the members of the SSP advisory committee for all their help and dedication to the sailing program.

They are Ned Jeffries, Charlie Clark, Margot Hintlian, Becky Hoerner, Anne Kubik, Joanne Levin, Ron Petoff and Greg Wilkinson.

The 2006 Sailing Program went smoothly with many happy sailors and successful regattas. Suzy Lintern proved to be an outstanding Program Director. We hope Suzy will be back next season taking on more responsibilities, such as hiring, registration and updating a web site for the program which we hope to have up and running by next season. This should help with the communication between parents and the program.


41.jpg Our racing teams did well this past season with a win by Joanna Clark and Hannah Hoerner in the 420’s at the Junior Olympics held at Eastern Point. Josh Leigh and Heather LaCombe did well as did Sean Leahy and Nick Chamberlain. The opti kids did well, too.
420 Instructors and 420 Race Team at Mass Bay Regatta

Joanna and Hannah also raced on the Charles in the Sears Bemis Regatta where they finished a very respectable 5th.

The Linda Weiditz and Tim Baker Regattas held here at Sandy Bay were well attended with many of our sailors finishing well.  We hope to increase the number of regattas next year. Inter-Club racing will be on the agenda for next season. Due to wind, or lack there of, the inter-club race with Annisquam became a day of swimming at the beach.

The program offers housing to instructors for the season. This allows us to get the best instructors who bring experience from other locations to our club. Offering housing enabled us to hire our strong staff this year, which included instructors from Ohio, Florida, and Marblehead. This year Suzy had her own apartment nearby and Gretchen and Rob stayed at Patriot’s Cottage at Granite Pier.

Over all the Sailing Program is doing well and we hope that with Suzy’s return we will have an even better program next year with even more smiling faces learning to sail. Again thank you to the Committee for all their help in putting together a totally new Sailing Program and hiring a cohesive group who all got along exceedingly well and gave the children in the program people to look up to and admire.

Check out the club’s web site to see some pictures taken this past summer at the cookout on Cape Hedge Beach, a day of club sailing classes, the Weiditz regatta, the JO’s and the Labor Day fun.

Beth Leahy


I hope you all find this first Fall Online Newsletter a good season-ending wrap-up. Tell your friends to check it out or print one out for them! Also, check the website for new 2006 photos.

Story Reed

Rockport Harbor Department

The Rockport Harbor Department would like to thank SBYC for their continued effort to provide safe and exciting racing activities in Sandy Bay. As host of numerous regattas each year you organize and execute top notch events with safety as a number one priority. Keep up the good work! Thanks for your continued support and consideration to our department.

Rockport Harbormasters,

Rosemary Lesch, Scott Story, Ron Petoff and Story Reed

Posted on November 8th, 2006 by Administrator in General News