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The SBYC Storm Committee has declared the club to be in a PREPARATION CONDITION with respect to Tropical Storm Hanna.

This means that boat owners with boats on the dock should be prepared to remove their boats from the club premises if it becomes necessary. You are not required to move your boat now, just to be ready to do so at a moment’s notice.

It is highly recommended that boat owners with boats on moorings be prepared to haul their boats and remove them from the club premises.

This also means that all racing activities scheduled for the next 72 hours are postponed until the club returns to an ALL CLEAR Condition.


Fleet Captains – You must make contact with all of your boat owners and confirm that they are aware of the situation and have plans in place that can be executed if a DANGER Condition is declared. If you are not able to reach someone or otherwise confirm their plans, you must report this to the Fleet Captain, Jake Fiumara (

Boat Owners – If your boat is on the dock, you must make arrangements for relocating your boat that can be executed immediately if a DANGER Condition is declared. If your boat is on a mooring, you are encouraged to make arrangements for hauling and relocating your boat if a DANGER Condition is declared. All boat owners should contact your fleet captain to confirm that you are prepared.

The complete Hurricane/Storm Policy can be found in the club’s Policy Book

On a further note, boat owners should also be aware that the cranes will be unavailable from Friday September 12 through Sunday September 14.

Posted on September 4th, 2008 by Administrator in General News