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2008 Fall Newsletter

This past summer was the busiest one I have ever seen at the club. Racing was very active, the Thursday evening programs were very popular and we had a full social season. On top of all this, SBYC hosted the Mass Bay Junior Olympics. Sandy Bay Yacht Club is such a special place because of the members and the willingness of so many to volunteer in so many ways. The staff is excellent and dedicated to making the club an enjoyable place to be. With Ron beginning his 20th year in 2009 as manager of the club, he is a key part of SBYC and has it running like a top. Jen Doyle has done an outstanding job in re-energizing the sailing program and will be returning next season.

The finances of the club are very strong, however there are always upgrades that need to be done as well as surprise repairs that need to take place. The board is very diligent and we will be working through the winter to get ready for next summer. It will be here before you know it (I hope).

I wish all the members a healthy and enjoyable holiday season and a happy New Year.

Stephen G. Fritch, Commodore

Treasurer – The club finances continue to be in excellent shape and will improve even more by year’s end, barring any major surprises. Our expenditures continue to run about 3% below expectations and our revenues are running 8% above expectations. Our reserves are healthy and we should add to that figure with this year’s anticipated operating surplus. In all, smooth sailing.

Frank Hassler

House Committee – The summer season ended with the facilities and equipment in good shape going forward thanks to the efforts of several club members, the launch operators, and Ron. Taking the floats out of the water at Granite Pier was once again a successful team effort in early October.

The small hoist was rehabbed this summer and is once again up and running for hauling and launching small boats.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered at the Club store on Sunday mornings.

We are currently prioritizing projects for 2009. Projects on the horizon include new lighting in the club house, new sliders upstairs, and window replacement downstairs. We continue to rely on the expertise and talent of our members to plan and complete many of these projects.

Please contact me with suggestions about any House Committee projects. I hope to see you all at Work Day in May!

Story Reed House Committee, Chair

Development and Planning – The Thursday Talks have gone well with full houses, and new insights. The talks started on a Saturday morning in June with the Weather Seminar given by Chief Forecaster Hayden Frank from NOAA. This was followed by Bill Lee’s new Ocean Odyssey, showing excellent views of the ocean floor of Sandy Bay and offering Bill’s experienced and knowledgeable insight on changes in our marine environment. And on the eve of the Ned Hay Memorial Races visiting Star sailors joined our SBYC sailors for a lively and engrossing talk from Jud Smith on racing strategy and tactics. Tom Hoerner’s talk on his and Becky Hoerner’s medical mission work in Cambodia was fascinating with his depiction of the medical needs there as well as the cultural aspects of their trip. Knot night wound up the talk season with some great practical learning and much fun with many knot gurus led by Bill Lee, Bob Smith, Scott and Debby Hale, Jim Kubik, Story Reed, Norma Brettell, and John Harper. Your interest and support has been great, and I am grateful to our hosts who have contributed refreshments and help: Beth Ingram, Betsy Witteman, Bob Smith, Anne Kubik, Mason Brown, Margot Hintlian, Norma Brettell, and Deb Safford. Also, keep in mind next winter we will be doing some fundraising for the SSP new boats; if you want to get a jumpstart on a tax deductible donation in any amount now before year end it would be greatly appreciated. We will be lining up talks for next season and welcome your suggestions.

Liz Kubik

Social Committee – Thanks to everyone for a great social season at SBYC! We were very excited to have such a great turn out at all of this year’s social events. Our Hawaiian Luau was so much fun and everyone really seemed to get into the theme. Even our October Italian Dinner was packed – we were cozy, but it was great! We’re just not ready for summer to be over, but sadly, it is, and a new social season is right around the corner. We’ve already begun planning for next year and strategizing on how to make more room to accommodate all the people who want to attend the events, especially late in the season when outdoor seating is more difficult. Look for more themed events, and who knows – maybe even a winter dinner! We’re well on the way to planning the Spring Dinner – stay tuned for news on where it will be! And don’t forget to join us on December 20th for an Open House at the club following the Christmas Pageant! Dress warm and feel free to bring an appetizer dish to share.

See you soon!

Katy Fritch & Karen Ouellette

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee had a productive and enjoyable summer. We all worked hard to make our new members feel welcome – in particular, once again, Dana Jorgensson did a great job sending frequent emails to keep them informed of activities and events at the Club.

This summer we again hosted two "Casual Fridays" for new members. Initiated by the Committee two years ago, the get-togethers give new members a chance to meet members of the Board of Governors, the Harbormasters, the Club staff and the Membership Committee. Both were well attended and were a great opportunity to socialize and get to know each other.

For the second year in a row the Club had a net gain in membership – while it was only by one person, it is still a welcome change from each of the previous four years in which there was an average loss of 30 members. It’s also noteworthy that far fewer senior members resigned or were dropped for non-payment of dues during the past two years than in any of the previous 20 years (with the exception of 2004). This is an excellent indicator that the last two years’ social activities, evening lectures and racing events have been quite successful in bringing the Club together and making it a more enjoyable experience. Congratulations to all those responsible!

We are all looking forward to the 2009 season, and welcome ideas or comments from all SBYC members. Have a great winter – we look forward to seeing you in the Spring!

Ken Kaiser, Chairman, Lia Farel, Nancy Haas, Dana Jorgensson, Betsy Levick, Marilyn Thompson, Bob Visnick

SSP Oversight Committee – I would like to start by thanking everyone on the committee. Charlie Clark for all his amazing help, guidance and work. And the JO’s!!! Margot Hintlian for always being available and a huge help with budget and other money work. Rebecca Hoerner and our newest committee members, John Safford and Shelley Vassallo.

And a huge thank you to Jen Doyle for running an exceptional program this past summer. I heard so many positive comments from parents and students. We look forward to Jen returning for the summer of 2009 with even more new and fun ideas to grow the program forward.

Most of the instructors will also return next year. The successful Junior Instructor program has two graduating into full-time instructors. I applaud all of the instructors’ hard work and guidance to the young sailors of Sandy Bay. They had to be creative this past summer as many a class was spent at the Club… Playing games, tying knots, watching movies, playing even more games.

Housing went smoothly after finally finding suitable, well somewhat suitable housing. Darby has asked if we might be able to find her housing in someone’s home for next season. She would like to be in a family-friendly atmosphere. So if anyone would like to volunteer to take in a coach for next summer please see myself or Charlie.

The Opti race team did an amazing job this past summer. Many of the Opti race team purchased their own boat and sails. This makes going to regattas much more available. The team looked quite spiffy in their official Sandy Bay Race Team rash guards. We encourage the new race team members to think about purchasing a boat for the coming season. John Safford will be putting together information on sites that sell used opti’s and equipment. It is an investment that can be sold off to another race team member when the sailors grow into a 420 for not much of a financial loss overall.

The 420 race team also did quite well this season. The team designed a sweatshirt which they wore proudly at the Junior Olympics.

Next summer Jen has some other ideas to change out the program. Her changes this summer worked out extremely well as she introduced two intro-to-race classes as well as adventure sail and expedition sail, formerly the "cruising" classes, but with more learning. We will keep everyone informed to the changes and ideas she has proposed. For now she is back to school for year two as a teacher.

Again, thank you to all who helped out as POD’s, transportation, potluck cooks and so much more!!! Also I can’t end the season with out a special thank you to Ron Petoff, who has helped tirelessly on so many projects, regattas, race results, ordering parts and supplies, licking envelopes and stamps, putting in the "swim" ladder on the opti float… So much work, so very much appreciated!!! Thank you Ron!!!

Beth Leahy

Sailing Program – As the days get colder and our daylight continues to disappear, I wish for the summer to come back! I hope everyone is having a nice fall and school is off to a successful start for all the junior sailors as well as our instructors.

Summer 2008 was a great season. This year I really felt part of the Sandy Bay Yacht Club family. It is the atmosphere of family that makes Sandy Bay such a unique and wonderful club. As host to the Mass Bay Junior Olympics, we had close to 300 sailors participating in this event. We could not have put on an event such as this without the extended help of so many members. The Junior Sailing Program thanks all of those who helped us not just during the 4 days of the event but during the weeks and months leading up to the event as well. It was just amazing to see the support and enthusiasm we had. This support is a testament to the Sandy Bay Yacht Club and its members both junior and senior.

OptiRaceTeam2008.JPGThe Junior Olympics, although it was our largest regatta, was just one of the many events we had this summer. We also hosted the Linda Wieditz Opti Regatta, the Tim Baker Regatta, and many club events. The Junior Yacht Club commodores also led a very active social schedule this summer which was fun. Amelia and Alexa will both be returning for a second year. We had made some changes to the program last year in terms of class description and schedule and the general feedback I received from parents, sailors, and families, was positive. We will continue to work towards making the sailing program the best it can be.

Currently we have a very strong optimist program and are looking into the possibility of expanding the program slightly to reflect the needs of our sailors. It is an exciting time at Sandy Bay. Stayed tuned as the year progresses!


We hope to see many returning faces next summer as well as many new faces.

Have a great year. Stay warm.

Jen Doyle

Junior Yacht Club – The junior yacht club with co-commodores Alexa Jorgensson and Amelia Quinn had a very busy summer of 2008. They started the season with a float in the 4th of July parade. On the third they had junior members decorate an Opti while enjoying some pizza. They would very much like to thank Bob Jorgensson for driving the float in the parade.

Other events included a July and August beach cookout at Cape Hedge. Both events were well attended. The juniors played games, swam and feasted on hotdogs and hamburgers hot off the grill. Thank you to the many volunteers who helped cook, serve and clean up… all with smiles watching a full moon rise up out of the ocean. Not a bad place to spend an evening.

The commodores decided it was time to bring back dances to Sandy Bay, so the Juniors danced to the tunes of a DJ on a hot summer night. Those who came said how much fun the night was. Again thank you to the many volunteers who chaperoned the event. The Commodores hope to have another dance next summer.

Another fun and new event was the Talent Show. The Junior members, instructors and launch drivers participated with interesting talent. There were skits, music, gum chewing, juggling, skateboard tricks, and so much more. The event brought out many senior members and parents. This may become a fixture for the juniors in years to come. A movie night was held with popcorn and goodies. This too was a wonderful way to utilize the Club for the junior members.

The Labor Day games and races were the final event for the Junior Yacht Club which included a rowing race, a creative boat race, candy hunt and watermelon eating contest for all ages. The day was a huge success with everyone having much fun and many laughs.

The new t-shirts were sold throughout the summer raising the money needed to have all the above events. Thank you to everyone who purchased a t-shirt. We will have more on sale for next summer.

A final thank you to Ron Petoff and Jen Doyle for all their help and guidance. We could not have done all we did without them. We also would like to thank Beth Leahy for all her help. Please check out the photos on the website to see some pictures of the fun we all had this past summer.

Alexa and Amelia will return next summer as co-commodores. It will be an even better summer of events with the two having already experienced all the duties this past summer. Hope everyone has a safe winter and we will see you next spring.

Amelia Quinn and Alexa Jorgensson

Website – Please check the website often as we will be opening our first-ever online store in advance of the Holidays. The store will be open for a finite period of time, most likely three weeks, and then all merchandise will be shipped in December. Stay tuned for dates and more details!

Please enjoy the 2008 Fall On-Line Newsletter. Also, check out the photos from the 2008 season.

Story Reed

Rockport Harbor Department – The 2008 season has successfully come to a close at the Sandy Bay Yacht Club thanks to all the members who participate in the club’s activities, from racing on the weekends to rocking on the deck.

The Rockport Harbor Department and Sandy Bay Yacht Club’s year ended on a high note with the visit of the Navy frigate USS John L. Hall in mid-October. Although the ship had a weather-shortened visit, it was once again great to see a Navy ship anchored in Sandy Bay. The Navy personnel enjoyed the hospitality and use of the club which was left open for their use for the entire visit. The sailors of the USS John L. Hall will be talking about their experiences in Rockport for years to come!

Rockport Harbormasters Rosemary Lesch, Scott Story, Ron Petoff and Story Reed

Posted on November 6th, 2008 by Administrator in General News