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Thanks to Work Day Volunteers!

Work Day, May 2005 Although the weather was cloudy and cold with threatening rain, a lot was accomplished during our annual volunteer work day, held this year on May 14.

The major improvement was cleaning and staining the shingles on the clubhouse building.  At the suggestion of John Krenn, he and Frank Hassler first experimented by cleaning and staining the west side of the building.  It turned out great, so they cleaned the south side of the building (the shingles there were almost black) in anticipation of work day, when our crew of volunteers completed the staining of the south side as well as the north side of the building.  Looks fantastic!

Work day also saw the demolition of an old float, which was recently replaced by a new one built by Ron Petoff and Dave O’Malley.  A lot of painting was done on the clubhouse and locker trim, the metal chairs were wire brushed and painted, other areas of the premises were painted, the front deck was oiled, some work was done on club boats, and more. 

Thanks to John and Frank for their efforts on the cleaning and staining of the shingles prior to work day, and thanks to the following volunteers for making our annual work day a success:

Brian Bones
Joe Chambers (& Tim)
Ed Desmarais
Joe Dougherty
Ted Engel
Dick Fahrenz
Steve Gallo
Scott Hale
Debbie Hale
Frank Hassler
Beth Ingram
Ned Jeffries
Alexa Jorgensson
Dana Jorgensson
Dan Karr
Susie Kinder
Paul Korzinek
John Krenn
Gerry LaCombe
Bill LaMachia
Kevin Lane
Joan Lane
Jim Lidington
Ellen Lidington
Alex McKenzie
Earl Meredith (& kids)
Conrad Lavigne
Jo-Ann Lavigne
Jerry Lavigne
Ben Loiacono
Joanne Moar
Skip Montello
Bobbie Paine
John Preston
Shirley Preston
Greg Santos
Mary Ellen Sullivan
(& Allie & Amy)
John Thompson
Marilyn Thompson
Jan Walker
Emily Wick
Kirk Williamson

More photos of work day can be found here.

Thanks also to the volunteers who helped to launch our floats at Granite Pier and tow them to Rockport Harbor at the end of April:

Kevin Carrigan
Seth Cutter
Jake Fiumara
Andrew Greely
Frank Hassler
Nick Kent
Connie Lavigne
Rosemary Lesch
Charlie Nichols
Dave O’Malley
Fred Peterson
Bob Smith
Scott Story
Greg Wilkinson

Posted on June 14th, 2005 by Administrator in House Committee