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Cherry Clark Regatta Takes Off

The first annual Cherry Clark Memorial Regatta got underway with clear skies and light breezes this past Saturday morning. The regatta was established in memory of Cherry Clark, a longtime and dearly loved member of the club who passed away last year. It features a team racing format which delighted racers and inspired numerous requests for more of this exciting variation on our favorite summer pastime.

The atmosphere was colorful. Competing boats flew blue, yellow, or white team flags on their backstays, and the Race Committe flew the Martini flag alongside a huge SBYC burgee in honor of Cherry. Many racers and race committee members donned "Cherry Hats" to make a classic style statement!

Sailors from the Rhodes and Star fleets joined Club staff and Clark family members in three teams of three Rhodes 19s (nine boats in total). The race committee set a short triangle course and ran a round-robin of six races so that each team raced the other teams twice. The short legs of the course encouraged lots of mark roundings and tactical interaction between the boats as well as allowing the race committee to get all the races in.

At the end of a team race, the finishes of each boat are recorded as in fleet racing, but then added to their teammates’ finishes to get a team score. The team with the lowest score wins the race, and the team with the most wins in the regatta wins the regatta.

After all this, the winning team was…

The Yellow Team: 
                            Scott Hale
                            John Thompson
                            Jim Lidington

Posted on July 26th, 2005 by jim_lidington in General News,Racing