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The Wind Returns!

After a 30 minute postponement on Saturday the wind finally returned for the remainder of the weekend, breaking a string of windless race days. Special congratulations to Jerry Lavigne for a milestone finish on Sunday!


 1st Place: Walter Luikey
 2nd Place: Connie Lavigne
 3rd Place: John Preston

Flying Scots
 1st Place: Ned Jeffries
 2nd Place: Skip Montello
 3rd Place: Ken Wright


 1st Place: Laura Hallowell
 2nd Place: Jerry Lavigne
 3rd Place: Connie Lavigne

Flying Scots
 1st Place: Ned Jeffries
 2nd Place: Art Bookstein
 3rd Place: Skip Montello

Rhodes 19s
Race #1
 1st Place: Kevin Lane
 2nd Place: Kirk Williamson
 3rd Place: Scott Hale
Race #2
 1st Place: Kevin Lane
 2nd Place: Charlie Clark
 3rd Place: Jim Lidington

Posted on August 9th, 2005 by jim_lidington in General News,Racing