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Work Day Volunteers

On behalf of the House Committee, I want to express our thanks for your efforts during work-day. More than fifty members of the club contributed their efforts. Through our collective efforts, we were able to accomplish a great deal of maintenance. The significant accomplishments included:

  • painting nearly all of the trim at the club
  • demolishing an entire float
  • removing the remnants of a second float
  • sanding and varnishing the rockers
  • re-stringing the gull wires
  • clearing the dock
  • repairing the deck behind the lockers, and
  • clearing the debris between the deck boards.

In addition to these accomplishments, Ron built two new floats as part of our ongoing upgrade efforts and managed to prepare the club for the start of the season in spite of the weather.

The front deck is the primary house committee activity for this year. At the outset, the plan was to replace the columns on the front porch. Upon inspection, we discovered the deck beneath the porch had significant rot. After removing the deck, we also discovered that the beams below the deck required replacement. In some instances, 14” by 8” beams retained only 25% of their original load carrying capability. Chris Krenn worked with the Town of Rockport to replace the beams and deck. By doing so, they were able to repair damage cause by the 1978 and 1991 storms. We were fortunate to catch this situation and to have the resources to complete the repairs prior to the summer. For those of you who have concerns about the green tint on the deck, the green is a wood preservative that will fade to a dull grey over time. The next step is to replace the porch with a material called “ironwood”. This material will not require maintenance or treating. You may have noticed that the rockers are in the back of the club. We will move them to the front when the front porch is complete. In addition, we are in the process of re-caning twelve rockers.

Due to the increased cost of repairing the dock and deck and replacing the front porch, we are deferring the locker roof project until the fall or spring of 2003. The House Committee will be conducting several low cost activities over the course of the summer. These include:

  • conducting a property and materials inventory in order to develop maintenance cost schedules and capital replacement schedules
  • painting the trim on the front of the club that we could not reach on work-day
  • painting the eaves under the lockers, and
  • minor woodworking projects.

As mentioned in the spring newsletter, we are in the process of asking several local colleges to conduct a service-learning project to examine the possibility of adding a full dormer to the rear of the club and to reconfigure the rest rooms and snack bar.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions.
Ed Desmarais

Volunteers on Float Day

Seth Cutter
Jake Fiumara
Scott Hale
Conrad Lavigne
Bob Smith

Volunteers on Work Day

Art Bookstein
Joe Chambers
Leslie Cooney
Phil Davis
Shirley Dean
Ed Desmarais
Laura Dickey
Eileen Ford
Bruce & Maria Engel
Ted Engel
Dick Fahrenz
Jake Fiumara
Scott Folger
Scott & Debbie Hale
Frank Hassler
Beth Ingram
Pam Jacobson
Ned Jeffries
Charlie Jones
Dan Karr
Susie Kinder
Jim & Liz Kubik
Kevin Lane
Conrad & Joanne Lavigne
Jerry Lavigne
Jim & Ellen Lidington
Dave McKie
Joanne Moar
Stephen Ouellette
Ron Petoff
Josh Phypers
John Preston
Charlie & Joanna Smith
John & Marilyn Thompson
Larry VandeVenter
Jan Walker
Kate Webster
Emily Wick
Greg & Sarah Wilkinson
Kirk, Janet, John & Andrew Williamson
Ken Wright

If we missed anyone, please let us know!




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