Welcome to the Sandy Bay Sailing Program! We offer sailing lessons to sailors of all ages and abilities; from beginners to racers and cruisers, ages 8 and up. Our beautiful location on T Wharf in historic Rockport, Mass. offers quick access to ocean sailing at its best.


The Mission of the Sandy Bay Sailing Program is to give our students a broad exposure to the sport of sailing. Our primary goal is to develop, safe, independent sailors, by offering them an active and exciting experience that builds camaraderie, sportsmanship, and self-reliance.

Our secondary goal is to offer those students who have become independent sailors exposure to racing through our racing classes and teams. The desired result of the program is students with a love of the sport of sailing and the SBYC experience.

Our Junior Program uses 18 Optimist dinghies and 9 420's. These dinghies are the choice of yacht clubs and sailing programs nationwide. They offer the student a sturdy platform on which to learn, while providing enough challenge to keep competent racers involved in the sport. Juniors are grouped by ability and there is a place for everyone including 8 year old beginners, older 13 or 14 year old beginners, right on up to the seasoned racer. Our racing programs offer experienced sailors the opportunity to travel locally and regionally, competing against other sailors their own age.

In addition to wonderful sailing opportunities, Sandy Bay Yacht Club offers excellent social opportunities. All students become members of the Club (although parents are not required to become members, we encourage them to join). We encourage you to take advantage of junior cookouts, Sunday Morning Coffees, Chowder Day, and numerous other dinners and events. Sailing is a social sport, and there's no better place to get started than Sandy Bay Yacht Club.

The SBYC Sailing Program is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization and admits students of any race, color, religion, or national origin... scholarships are also available.



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