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SBYC Junior Sailing Program Week 1 Recap - Posted on Jun 27, 2016

We are excited to have just completed an excellent first week of the summer for the Junior Sailing Program. Despite local schools being in session for the beginning of the week, all classes were made up and nearly every student has been able to attend the first full week of sailing classes. We had a beautiful week, and our Opti Beginner class was able to get out on the water two out of their three classes this week. Quite the feat!


With the new adjustment to two-week sessions, we anticipate being able to introduce sailing to more first-time sailors than in our old four-week session format. Many of the current sailors already plan to extend their summer sailing at SBYC.


Our staff has been doing an incredible job this week remaining flexible with the schedule adaptations. They have done fantastic job of working together to get all classes sailing out of the harbor and into Sandy Bay.


Our Junior Yacht Club Co-Commodores, Nina Mccloy and Clare Coyne, have already planned events for this coming week. All junior sailors are invited to help decorate a float on Friday at SBYC at 5pm to represent SBYC in the Rockport 4th of July Parade.


We are excited for the rest of summer. Spaces are filling up quickly, but if you would like to sign up for additional sailing lessons, sign up today! If you are also interested in volunteering with any junior yacht club events, please let us know. We are looking forward to warm and sunny weather for two more months at Sandy Bay.


Alex Levin and the SBYC Coaching Staff

2015 Marblehead Junior Race Week Recap! - Posted on Jul 24, 2015
After three long days of racing, the SBYC 420 and Opti Race Teams have returned to Rockport from the 2015 Marblehead Junior Race Week. As always, Marblehead presents difficult sailing conditions, conditions we rarely encounter in Sandy Bay.

Day One of the event was terribly hot, but a shifty seabreeze kicked on in the late afternoon, providing all racers with ample wind and sudden wind shifts. After the first day, many of our 420 racers found themselves in the top ten overall. On the Opti Champ line, Ben Trotsky started off the first race with a 1st, closely followed behind by Max Mercer in 5th!

The second day's conditions proved to be classic, difficult, Marblehead conditions. The wind was light, the ferry chop was large, and the current was strong. Despite these conditions, all SBYC racers sailed to their best ability and continued to post strong results.

Day three offered more favorable conditions, despite a shifty Northwest breeze and a strong out-going current. All racers remained focused and sailed great through their final races.

At the end of the regatta, Ben Trotsky finished 9th overall in Opti Championship Fleet (out of 70 boats) and 2nd overall in Blue Fleet. Excellent regatta Ben! The rest of the Opti sailors finished consistently in the 30s, and continued to fine tune their sailing and improve throughout the entire regatta.

On the 420 Champ line, Ollie Meyer and Nina Mccloy finished in 7th, Tyler George and Emmi Triplett finished in 10th, Jeremy Mccauley and Micaela Coonley finished in 11th, Zoe Ting and Jacqui Keenan finished 14th, Henry Mattson and Aidan Flynn finished in 20th, and Clare Coyne and Evan Symes finished in 25th.

Awesome sailing SBYC racers! Wish us luck as we travel to Sail Salem for Opti New Englands, Cottage Park for Junior Olympics, as well as various local regattas.
Early Summer 2015 Newsletter - Posted on Jun 30, 2015
Hi Everyone!

I am excited to return to Sandy Bay for my second summer as Program Director. After a season of learning about the program and a successful summer for all sailors, it was great to resume work early in 2015 to plan for this summer. We were fortunate to begin race team practices for both 420 and Opti race teams in early June. We hope to establish this into a full program in the future in order to better prepare for the busy summer of racing.

Fortunately, we were able to retain most of our coaching staff from last summer. We have four new coaches this summer, three of which previously sailed at Sandy Bay before working at other area clubs. On the 420 side, Quinn Andersen joins us from Corinthian Yacht Club via Manchester Sailing and previously, Sandy Bay. Quinn will be sailing on the Brown University team this fall. On the Opti program, Camille Homa joins our team also from Corinthian. Camille grew up sailing and racing in Marblehead and will be in charge of the Opti Intro to Race team. We were fortunate to hire Ben Zorfas and Griffin Webber as our Opti Race coaches this summer. Both Ben and Griffin have previously sailed and raced at Sandy Bay, and we are excited to have them back. For more information about our coaching staff, head over to the ‘Staff’ page on our website.

Despite a long winter and a late spring, summer is finally underway at Sandy Bay. The harbor is bustling with adult and junior sailors, and we hope this trend continues throughout the summer. The sailing program began lessons last week, starting on June 22nd. With a few great days of sailing last week, each sailing class has been able to sail almost every class. This is always an exciting time of year for the sailing program; the weather is improving, all sailors are done with school, and the 4th of July is later this week.

After this week, the Opti and 420 racers embark on a busy race season, with potential regattas every week all over New England. I am excited for our teams to travel to other areas to race and represent Sandy Bay. I am so thrilled to be back at Sandy Bay this summer, and I look forward to another amazing summer in a beautiful place!

Alex Levin
2015 Scholarship Applications Now Available - Posted on Mar 01, 2015
Scholarship Applications for the 2015 Junior Sailing Program are now available. For information, go to:
2014 Junior Sailing Program Registration - Posted on Feb 27, 2014
Online Registration for the Junior Sailing Program for the 2014 season will open on March 1st at 10:00 a.m.

For details go to
July 4th Regatta Results - Posted on Jul 08, 2013

Recap: Regatta was sailed on July 5th. We had six 420’s and nine Optimists registered. We had a beautiful breeze and a great day of racing. The 420 class sailed five races and the Optimist class sailed four races.


1st Place: Skipper:  Matt Safford with Crews: Gus Campbell and Reid Levick (10 points)

2nd Place: Skipper: Emma Perry with Crew: Tristan Bannerman (13 points)

3rd Place: Skipper: Lindsay Neuberger with Crew: Patrick Huber (20 points)


1st Place: Winning Tie Breaker! Emma Rose Safford (7 points)

2nd place: Ollie Meyer (7 Points)

3rd Place: Henry Mattson (10 Points)

First Intro To Race Sailor: Camdyn Sudbay

Sandy Bay Newsletter: Week 1 July 25-29, 2012 - Posted on Jun 29, 2012

Hello all. So we may not have had the best weather this week but we still had a great time and we all got out sailing even if it was in the rain! Everyone passed their swim test too! It is amazing to see the improvement in the sailors in just one week. Cross your fingers for better weather next week and of course some wind too because we’ll also need that.
Upcoming Junior Yacht Club Events:
Tuesday 7/3: Commodore and Vice Commodore, Sarah Visnick and Izzy Fitzpatrick invite you to decorate the Fourth of July Float at the Yacht Club from 11:30-12:30.

Wednesday 7/4: Walk in the Parade. Meet at Ramsden Way (in front of the school) @ 5:30. Wear a SBYC t-shirt of a life jacket if you can! Parents are responsible for pick up at the end of the parade. There is a sign up on the soda machine at the club.

Thursday 7/5: 6-8 p.m. Cookout and games @ Cape Hedge Beach $5 per person.

July 13-15: Navy Midshipmen in Rockport. They have invited us to tour their boats on Sunday July 15th 10:30-12:00.

Junior Yacht Club T-shirts (short ($15) and long ($20) are for sale at the yacht club. Cash or Checks made payable to the SBYC Junior Yacht Club.


*  Opti Green Fleet Regatta Manchester July 3rd
*  Linda Wieditz Regatta July 6th

Wish the Opti Sailors good luck.

Needed Items:

•       Bailers! Please bring in old plastic orange juice containers, detergent containers, and/or motor oil containers. You do not need to cut them but please make sure they are cleaned out.
•       Old sailing magazines

NOTE: There will be no classes held on July 4th.

2011 Sailing Program Dates - Posted on Jan 29, 2011
Dates for the 2011 Sailing Program lessons are set as follows:

Session 1: June 27 - July 22 (no classes on July 4)
Session 2: July 25 - August 19

Registration will be held at Sandy Bay Yacht Club on Sunday, March 20, 2011 from 12:00 - 3:00 pm. More registration information can be found here.

Class descriptions are here.
Newsletter 2: July 12th-July 23rd - Posted on Jul 23, 2010

Sandy Bay Newsletter: Weeks 3 and 4: July12 –July 23rd

Everyone keep your fingers crossed because this summer has been amazing when compared to last year. Let’s hope this weather keeps going as we've had some great wind and sailing days. We have also had a lot of fun. The Junior Yacht Club hosted a beach cookout (thank you to all the parent volunteers), the beginners and intermediates got to go on a pirate ship, the Adventure Sail class got to do an overnight cruise to the Isle of Shoals (thank you Commodore Ken Kaiser and Steve and Emma Ouellette for donating your time and boats), all classes have participated in some sort of scavenger hunt, and everyone has learned how to sail (these are just a few of the activities we did this session).

Today concludes the first session of sailing. Session 2 starts on Monday. I am happy to report that most of our sailors from session 1 are continuing to session 2; this just highlights the strength of the program right now. Last night I was very moved when a mother told me that her child enjoyed the program so much that he was willing to work to pay for session 2. Let’s keep this energy going!

Regatta Recap

  • Marblehead Junior Race Week: We sent 9 opti sailors and 12 420 sailors to this event. . Our top finishers …


Harlan Smart: 1st place Opti Green Fleet   Matt Safford: 2nd Blue Fleet

Isabel Fitzpatrick and Sarah Visnick: 3rd 420 green fleet


  • Hingham Junior Regatta: Chris and Matt Callahan and Quinn and Luke Andersen represented SBYC at this event
  • Opti Nationals: Ariana Kwoh is currently competing




v  Tuesday August 6: Movie Night! 6 -8 p.m. Movie to be announced. Friends are welcome….Popcorn and drinks will be served….bring your own blanket! COST $5

v  Friday August 6th : Dance at Club for junior members and guests 12 and up.

v  Wednesday August 11th: Beach Cookout: Again all are welcome, Family and Friends Cost: $5.

v  Towels are for sale for $20 in the office. All proceeds go to the Junior Yacht Club. See Jen or Ron if you want a towel.



v  Squam Day: Next Friday August 30th… Wish the 420 and opti race teams good luck.

v  August 4th Tim Baker 420 Regatta

v  Opti New Englands: August 3-5th in Newport

2010 Newsletter 1 - Posted on Jul 12, 2010

Sandy Bay Newsletter: Weeks 1 and 2


Hello all. So today marks the midpoint of the first session. We have had two amazing weeks. I hope everyone has enjoyed themselves. It is amazing to see the improvement in the sailors in just two weeks. We now have beginning sailors who can sail a boat by themselves. Our intermediate and adventure sailors have also made who improvements and our race team has started off strong.


Regatta Recap

  • Manchester Green Fleet Regatta: Our intro to race opti sailors participated in their first regatta on Wednesday in Manchester. Harlon Smart won the regatta! Tyler George got 3rd, Ollie Meyer got 4th, Jeremy McCauley got 6th and Cat Krupka got 23rd. These sailors made an excellent showing in their first regatta!


  • Lipton Cup: We had 5 sailors represent the SBYC at the Lipton Cup this weekend, Matt and Katherine Callahan, and Quinn and Luke Andersen sailed 420’s and finished 3rd and 5th respectively. Ariana Kwoh sailed optimists and won her fleet.


  • New Bedford Junior Regatta: Matt Safford finished 4th in Blue fleet and 12th overall. (there were almost 80 boats he was competing against!)


  • On Friday we hosted the Linda Wieditz Opti regatta, which is an event sponsored by Paul Sylva in memory of his late wife Linda Wieditz. Linda was a Rockport music teacher who also had a love of sailing. This year we had the largest number of participants since starting the event a few years back. We had a total of 60 sailors. The weather was perfect. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. We had steady breeze of 10-14 knots  all day with gusts to 18 knots. The Sandy Bay Yacht Club made a great showing in both the optimist championship and optimist green fleet. For complete results visit the website or the Junior Sailing board next to the ice machine. Matt Safford won the Championship fleet and Ollie Meyer got 3rd in the the green fleet (this was Ollie’s second regatta ever!)


v  Tuesday July 13th: Beach Cookout! 6-8 p.m. at Cape Hedge Beach. Friends and family welcome and the cost is $5 a person.

v  Thursday/Friday Hollywood THEME contest! The Junior Yacht Club will be sponsoring a competition. The class that is best dressed and prepared for the Hollywood theme will win an Ice cream party. The instructors will be the judges. On Thursday, Opti Beginner A and B, opti/420 Race and Intro to Race, and 420 beginner will compete. Friday, Adventure Sail, Opti Intermediates and the Expedition class will compete. We will announce the winners on Monday.

v  Adventure Sail Overnight Cruise Wednesday-Thursday. We will be sailing to the Isle of Shoals for an overnight trip…wish us good weather!

v  Class Change Next Week! PIRATE DAY!

o   Monday July 19th. Opti beginner B and Intermediate class time changed to 8:30-11:30. We will be having Pirate Day on a real Pirate Boat. Please wear your pirate apparel! No need to buy anything just need to get creative!


v  Hingham Junior Regatta: July 15-16th.

v  Marblehead Junior Race week June 20-23:

Wish the 420 and opti race teams good luck.

2010 Kickoff BBQ - Posted on Jun 16, 2010
Hello Sandy Bay Families! Summer is only a week and a half a away! Please join us for a kick off BBQ at the club Sunday night June 27th from 4 to 5:30 p.m. It is a nice chance to meet the instructors as well as some new faces.  We will be serving hamburgers and hotdogs until we run out! If you do plan to attend please send an email to Jen at .

  • A lifejacket
  • Sunscreen and a hat
  • sunglasses
  • bathing suit ( there will be a swim test)
  • a towel
  • change of clothes
  • shoes that attach to your feet (sailing boots, old sneakers, tevas, watershoes, etc....flip flops and sandles are not good)
See you soon!
2010 Junior Sailing Program - Posted on Mar 27, 2010
The 2010 Junior Sailing Program Brochure and Registration/Medical Forms are now available. You can find them here.
Session 2 Week 1 Newsletter - Posted on Aug 03, 2009

Sandy Bay Newsletter: Week 1 Session 2: July 30-August 4


I first want to welcome all the new sailors that have joined us in session two. It is great to see some new faces as well as many familiar faces. A lot has happened since our last newsletter. We had our awards night /pot luck dinner for session 1. Thank you to all the great chefs. Despite the rain that we have become all too familiar with, the night turned out great. I do have some uncollected awards and certificates so if you were unable to make it please see me. Since the last newsletter, we had some more great weather…the beginners are learning how to sail…our more advanced 420 sailors are learning how to use the trapeze and spinnakers, our adventure sailors are continue to learn about navigation and have gone on some great trips including a trip to Thatcher's and Long Beach more recently. Also, some sailors got to go on the Ocean Reporter and use the underwater cameras…we saw some seals with our beginner/ intermediate class and today while sailing on Wayward and Puffin (two cruising boats) they saw whales. 


Regatta Recap

Ned Cameron Regatta: This is an annual regatta sailed in 420's and each boat must have a junior sailor and senior sailor (or non sailing parent for some!). This year we had 6 boats participate and they did 3 races. Gil and Charlie Clark ended in first place after winning a tie breaker with Quinn and Sue Andersen. Close behind them was Luke and Peter Andersen. Also participating was Shelby and Ed Salas, Chris and Paul Perry and Patrick and Michael Kern. This was a great event and I hope to see some more boats next year.


SQUAM DAY: Unfortunately, this regatta was a blowout for the optis. We brought 16 optimists there, which is the most we have had in years. However, we got there and unloaded our boats only to have the races canceled. Unfortunately this is the reality of sailing….no matter how excited or prepared you may be this sport is dependent on the weather and this summer has certainly been testing us! Hang in there…it is bound to get better.


The 420's did get to go out and sail two races of which Luke and Quinn Andersen won both! Needless to say they won the regatta. Tom Saffford and Julie Zavrl got 3rd and Chris and Matt Callahan finished 5th. We had a total of 9 420 racing in this event and for some it was their first regatta ever. Nice job sailors.


Currently our 420 race team and opti race team are competing in the Junior Olympics     in Scituate, MA. Wish them luck. Also we have 6 opti sailors competing at the Optimist New Englands which has close to 300 boats competing in Newport this week as well. 




v      BEACH COOKOUT:  This Wednesday August 5th! This is the last Junior Yacht Club Cookout so make sure you are there. LOCATION: Cape Hedge Beach TIME: 6-8 Cost: $5

All are welcome…sailors of course and friends and family



SESSION 2 SIGN UP - Posted on Jul 21, 2009
There is still space available for session 2. Stop by or call the club to register. 
Week 3 Newsletter - Posted on Jul 21, 2009

Sandy Bay Newsletter: Week 3: July 13-17


So we have been having better luck with the weather, although not today as I write the newsletter! Last week went well. The Junior Yacht Club hosted two events. The first a movie night on Tuesday and on Friday we hosted our second annual Talent Show. For all who attended I am sure you will agree when I say it was an excellent event. We actually had some serious talent displayed as well as some comedy shows. Gil Clark won the event by playing Jimmy Hendrix "National Anthem" and "My Generation" by the Who on his electric guitar. In second place was Jaita Richon who played the cello. Third place was headed by Madeline Downs playing a variety of pieces that ranged from an Irish Gig to classical music on her violin while her groupies: Izzy Fitzpatrick, Anna Rittenburg, Sarah Visnick and Hannah Lorden, straightened Rowan Lampert's hair. This was an interesting act and at one point the junior judge, Tristan Bannerman, had to ask his co-judges what was going on! Nonetheless it was great fun. We also had Reed Farel playing the Tuba, a dance group performing a tribute to Michael Jackson's Thriller, Patrick Kern, as the strongest man alive, Jimmy Krupka and Ross Feldman doing tricks on their bikes and the instructors taught us how to make a fruit salad! I hope we have even more entries next year.


Regatta Recap

In our last newsletter I forgot to mention a congratulations to Katherine and Matt Callahan who represented Sandy Bay at the Lipton Cup a few weeks ago. They came in 4th place.


Currently our racing teams are in Marblehead sailing in Marblehead Junior Race Week. Wish them luck!



v      Awards Night. Thursday July 23rd at 6:30 p.m. This event is a potluck dinner so please bring enough food for twice as many people you attend the event with. Sign up for this event is located on the ice box. Awards will follow dinner. All sailors receive certificates of participation. Coaches will also award most improved and coaches awards.


v     Session 2 Starts on Monday. Please sign up if you have not yet done so!


Week 2 Newsletter - Posted on Jul 13, 2009

Sandy Bay Newsletter: Week 2: July6-July 10th


Hello All. So Again we didn't have a stellar week in terms of weather however, hopefully we are in for some nice days. We deserve it! The end of the week was gorgeous as well as the weekend so keep your fingers crossed. Despite the weather we did get classes out there for at least some time. The opti beginners learned what it was like to go out of the harbor for the first time. They did a great job. The intermediate groups continue to make some progress and the race teams are getting up to speed for upcoming regatta. The 420 adventure sail went on a picnic, after learning some navigational skills, at Thatcher's last week, which was a blast. I hope you all are enjoying the summer so far. Stay tuned for upcoming events.


Regatta Recap

On Friday we hosted the Linda Wieditz Opti regatta, which is an event sponsored by Paul Sylva in memory of his late wife Linda Wieditz. Linda was a Rockport music teacher who also had a love of sailing. This year we had the largest number of participants since starting the event a few years back. We had a total of 52 sailors. The weather was beautiful and the sailing was fun. The Sandy Bay Yacht Club made a great showing in both the optimist championship and optimist green fleet. For complete results visit the website or the Junior Sailing board next to the ice machine.


Optimist Green Fleet

1st place: Antonia Leggett, MSA

2nd place: Harlan Smart, SBYC

3rd place: Nicholas Mehlman, MSA


Optimist Championship Fleet

1st Place: Jimmy Krupka, SBYC

2nd Place: Hillman Hollister, PYC

3rd Place: Emma Perry, SBYC




v     Tuesday July 14th: Movie Night! 6 p.m. Finding Nemo….friends are welcome….Popcorn and drinks will be served….bring your own blanket! COST $5


v     Friday July 17th: TALENT SHOW!!!! 5:30 Come show us your talent. Sign up with Jen or Amelia. Parents and friends are welcome to come watch however only Junior members can participate.

v     Monday June 20th: Beach Cookout: Again all are welcome, Family and Friends Cost: $5.



v     Marblehead Junior Race week June 20-23: Wish the 420 and opti race teams good luck.

Week 1 Newsletter - Posted on Jul 07, 2009

Sandy Bay Newsletter: Week 1: June 29th-July 3rd

Welcome to Summer! Finally we had some nice weather over the weekend. It was well deserved. I hope you all had a great 4th of July. Despite the weather, the first week of sailing went well. Everyone passed the swim test (Thank goodness for Hot Coco!) We had some new beginners sail their own boats for the first time and many other sailors back in boats remembering and practicing the skills from last summer.


The Junior Commodores, Amelia and Alexa, would like to thank all who helped decorate the float for the Fireman’s Parade and also those who helped march in the parade.  They give a special thanks to Jim Keenan who graciously volunteered his time and truck for the event, as well as the George family who also went beyond the call of duty and supplied the group with more candy when they ran out! 


The summer schedule is now posted right in the door of the Yacht Club. Make sure to check it out.


Regatta Recap

On Friday we hosted our first regatta of the summer. The sailors were competing in the Club Fourth of July Annual Regatta.  We had a total of 21 boats out on the line, eight 420’s and 13 optis. Full results are posted at the club.


Optimist Fleet

1st place: Matt Safford 2nd place: Jimmy Krupka  3rd place: Shelby Salas


420 Fleet

1st Place: Quinn and Luke Anderson 2nd Place: Tom Safford and Julie Zavrl

3rd: Ben Zorfas, Ray Syron and Katherine Callahan



v     MSA Green Fleet Regatta: We Wish our new Racers luck at the Manchester sponsored event tomorrow!


v     LINDA WIEDITZ: Opti Regatta Friday July 10th

o       Great for spectating! Hosted at SBYC


v     Tuesday July 14th: Movie Night!


v     NEEDED BAILERS!!!  Sailing programs are always in need of bailers to help take the water out of the boats. Please send in empty orange juice or detergent containers!

2009 Sailing Program Brochure - Posted on Mar 28, 2009
The 2009 Sailing Program Brochure and Registration Forms are now available here.
2009 Sailing Program Dates - UPDATED! - Posted on Mar 27, 2009
Here are some important dates for the 2009 Sailing Program season:

  • Session 1 - June 29-July 24 (no classes on July 3)
  • Session 2 - July 27-August 21
  • Registration - Sunday, May 3
  • Students/Parents Orientation/BBQ - Sunday, June 28
  • Race Team Orientation - June 29
  • Session 1 Parents' Night - Tuesday, July 21 (raindate on Thursday, July 23)
  • Session 2 Parents' Night - Tuesday, August 18 (raindate on Thursday, August 20)
  • Linda Wieditz  Opti Regatta -  Friday, July 10
  • Tim Baker Race - Friday,  August 14

The brochure is not yet ready - we expect it will be available sometime in early April, when it will be posted on our website.
2008 Session 2 Week 2 Newsletter - Posted on Aug 06, 2008
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2008 Session 2 Week 1 Newsletter - Posted on Jul 28, 2008
Read the Session 2, Week 1 newsletter here!!!
2008 Week 4 Newsletter - Posted on Jul 22, 2008
Read the Week 4 newsletter here!!!
2008 Week 3 Newsletter - Posted on Jul 15, 2008
Read the Week 3 newsletter here!!!
2008 Week 2 Newsletter - Posted on Jul 10, 2008
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2008 Week 1 Newsletter - Posted on Jul 01, 2008
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2008 Brochure and Forms - Posted on Mar 18, 2008
The 2008 Junior Sailing Program Brochure and Forms are now available on the "How to Register" page here. Note that most classes have been restructured and also have new class times.

There are also several new classes... you can see class descriptions and times here.

Students who took sailing lessons last year are on our mailing list and will receive a brochure in the mail once they are printed.
Sail Magazine Features SBYC - Posted on Feb 10, 2007
Sail Magazine recently published an article about boats which might be used in Junior Sailing Programs, and SBYC’s Junior Sailing Program evaluated these boats!

Gretchen Curtis, one of our Junior Sailing Instuctors, wrote this article while interning as a writer for Sail Magazine.  Our kids in the 420 Racing Team and the 420 Cruising Class tested several boats delivered to SBYC in August 2006 to evaluate the boats for the article.


Our kids had a great time, and also had some opinions to express. You can read the article here.

Good job Gretchen! 

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