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Greetings! As I write this, snowflakes are falling down and the temperature is falling to near zero. Fortunately, the 2001 season at SBYC will soon be here and the cold and snow of this winter will be forgotten. We will open the season with our facility in relatively good shape. The deck repairs were completed late last season and the locker refurbishing project is completed. Most importantly, the legislation that was required to de-authorize a portion of the harbor where our floats are situated was passed. We are truly grateful to Steve Ouellette for all of his efforts that made this possible. Space at the SBYC is always a challenge and without space for the floats, we would have faced enormous operational difficulties. In 2001 we will need to consider replacing the flagpole and re-roofing the lockers. Both projects are part of ongoing maintenance needs and will be a part of our overall budget.

This winter the Board faced some difficult changes. First, Ron Petoff considered a career change that would have meant his departure from SBYC. The idea of replacing Ron was overwhelming and we were all pleased when he had a change of heart. Yet, we were not so lucky when it came to our caterer. Jennifer Beal Ober told us that she no longer could run the snack bar. We have enjoyed Jennifer's service for several years and will be sorry to see her leave. However, fear not, - the Board is in search of a replacement. We realize that both the sailing program juniors and the weekend sailors depend on nourishment before they head out to sea. If anyone has ideas for a replacement, please let us know.

The season will be full of our usual races, racing series and social events that we all enjoy. In addition, this year we will host a major Opti Regatta. More information on the event is found in the Sailing Program report. We will be looking for volunteers to help with the regular races and will need lots of help with the Opti event. This is a great way to get involved with the juniors and pass on your experiences and knowledge. Helping in these events is a great way to get to know other members of the club and I encourage all members, especially new ones, to take advantage of opportunities to become more fully involved in the SBYC community.

Finally, we are faced with the problem of space in our sailing program. For the first time in many years, the problem is not at the entry level, but rather at the advanced level. Many young people have enjoyed the program and want to advance to the level of the race team. Unfortunately the race team's size is constrained by the number of boats and the space we have for them. To help ease the situation we are purchasing two additional 420s. This helps, but does not solve the problem. We have made great strides in engaging young people in sailing through our sailing program and will continue to look at all options to rearrange the space on the docks to see if there is any way to store additional boats.

I look forward to seeing you all in the new season. We start the year off with our Spring Dinner. Hopefully you can be there. Sign up early! It is a fun event and always puts me in the mood to start pulling out the gear and getting the boat ready for the new year. See you soon!

Polly Brown, Commodore

Treasurer - I am pleased to report that the financial status of the Sandy Bay Yacht Club is in a healthy condition. Last year sufficient funds were available to complete the locker project and to purchase launch engines from the Capital Account. Due to careful attention by your Board of Governors to the projected budgets, $6,937.16 from the Operating Account was transferred into the Capital Account at year end. We are looking forward to a happy and successful season in 2001.

John Harper

House Committee - We were pleased to hear that the most recent waterways bill to pass included the proposed changes to the federal anchorage and channel lines in Rockport Harbor. The issue has now been referred back to the Army Corps of Engineers to revise the lines. Hopefully, this ends the dispute surrounding our floats.

Chris Krenn has done a very good job during the off-season. The overhaul of the lockers has reached the next milestone, with re-siding of the dockside and replacement of all doors. The upper deck railing and decking have also been replaced making this area safe again. We also had some of the exterior electrical equipment upgraded, including new lights, and are currently considering re-roofing the lockers and adding a ridge vent that would complete the project. With the completion of the locker project, we are hoping to concentrate on preventive maintenance. We will be discussing decking issues with the town DPW.

Thanks to John Krenn, the pickets (painted by last year's work crew) have been installed on the fence visible from the pier. John and I will again tackle the weathervane issue, and we are looking at options for replacing the flagpole. We hope to finish painting and performing minor repairs during the work weekend scheduled for May 12-13, 2001 with rain dates of May 19-20. In the past, most participants have been members of the Rhodes and Bullseye fleets, and I seem to be the sole representative from the Flying Scot fleet. Hopefully we can get more involvement this year. Despite its moniker, the weekend is usually quite fun, and a good kickoff to the season.

With the deck becoming even more congested and concerns over safety growing, we are forming a safety committee. This will consist of House Committee members and anyone else concerned about safety. Our first meeting will be at 3:00 on the Saturday of the work weekend. Marilyn Evans has already agreed to serve on this committee. Our first concern will be to designate walkway areas to be kept clear. This has been a problem in front of the lockers near the crane. We will also be designating and painting a safety zone to be kept clear during use of the crane. Any suggestions should be directed to me.

I believe that maintaining the Club in as attractive and safe a manner as possible is essential, and reflects the members' commitment not only to the Club itself, but also to the community. I welcome any suggestions to make the facility safer, more attractive and more functional. I am looking forward to another great season, and hope to see many of you at the work weekend as well as throughout the summer.

Stephen M. Ouellette, Chair

Race Committee - Last season we attempted to hire a Primary Race Officer (PRO) to run the Club races and the committee boat. We were unsuccessful in filling this position. Consequently, we instituted a "mandatory" volunteer race committee in which each fleet was required to staff the committee boat two days per month. This approach worked out well for its first season. Due to the success of this program and the difficulty in finding a qualified PRO, we will again use last season's method of staffing the committee boat. We are looking for increased participation from each fleet and welcome club members without any fleet affiliation. Sign-up sheets will be posted at the Club and will also be sent to the fleets prior to the start of the season. I would like to thank last year's members who participated on the Race Committee as follows:

Joe Abu
Cam Archibald
Dave Archibald
Margo Hintlian Block
Ralph Block
Dick Boulter
Sean Boulter
Lisa Burke
Dot Christopher
Charlie Clark
Cherry Clark
Anne Engel
Ted Engel
Marilyn Evans
Andrew Greeley
Debbie Hale
Scott Hale
Frank Hassler
Jim Hintlian
Dave Jeffries
Ned Jeffries
Mary Ann Jones
Dan Karr
B. Lavery
Jo-Ann Lavigne
Roger Lesch
Rosemary Lesch
Paul Lucas
Betty Lynch
Bill McKinney
Denise McKinney
Skip Montello
Peter Noonan
Bobbie Paine
Matt Parillo
Stan Patey
Ron Petoff
Bob Smith
Ellie Stevens
Jan Walker
Emily Wick
Randy Williams
Kirk Williamson
Ken Wright
Holly Yasaitis

If we missed anyone, please let us know.

We will conduct a race management training session at the beginning of the season. This session will be a good opportunity for both inexperienced volunteers and seasoned members to learn the various duties of the race committee.

The club intends to hire an additional launch operator. Our goal is to include running the committee boat during the club races as part of a launch operator's job. This responsibility will require each launch operator to have a Coast Guard license.

Last season we had a separate line for a number of Laser, 420 and Optimist races. This year we will have a separate line for these classes on a regular basis. It will also be part of a sailing instructor's job to run these races.

The committee boat will again be used in each of the Club sponsored regattas. Therefore, we are in need of a surrogate committee boat for the weekend of July 21/22. If anyone is willing to donate his power boat or cruising boat for this weekend, please contact us.

Let's hope we have the same good weather this season that we had last season. The Race Committee is looking forward to seeing you at the skippers' and crews' meeting at noon on May 25 at the Club.

Steve Engel, Steve Fritch and Ted Lavery

Sailing Program - The sailing program is once again looking forward to another summer of expansion in many different ways. We have become larger and more successful than anyone could have predicted.

The Sailing Program has run into a unique problem of having too many kids who want to keep sailing. We have found ourselves unable to deal with the high demand. The 420 program will be expanding from 8 to 10 club owned 420s. For the first time in Sandy Bay history we have students staying in the program until they age out (the summer when they turn 18). This means we run into a logjam in the higher levels of race teams. The purchase of two additional 420s will alleviate some of the jam. Unfortunately, the 420 race team will be booked solid with very limited space. This is a frustrating problem to have and we are doing our best despite the obvious space limitations at the yacht club.

Last summer both the Opti and 420 programs operated near or about 100% enrollment. This was very encouraging knowing that other clubs have not had the great success we had at Sandy Bay. The achievement of both programs shows through all of the kids; not only are they extremely talented sailors, but they make the job itself fantastic for the instructors.

The adult program will also be back in full swing. We have hired Olaf Aprans to teach this summer along with our veteran instructor Ted Engel. Olaf and Ted are both eager to get back on the water. I would like to encourage anyone with an interest in learning to sail to give it a try. Why let your kids be the only ones having fun?!

The Sailing Program will also be hosting the 2001 Optimist New England Championships this summer at Granite Pier. Optimist sailors will travel from all along the East Coast to compete in this event and we are expecting between 200 and 250 boats. We are looking for volunteers and sponsors for all aspects of the regatta. From site preparation to coordinating lunches, putting together give-away bags, and much more. If you can help with any part of the regatta, don't hesitate to call 978-985-8747 or e-mail me at

Jacob Fiumara, Program Director

Junior Yacht Club - The Junior Yacht Club is looking forward to a very exciting and busy summer. This year the SBYC is hosting the 2001 United States Optimist Dinghy Association New England Championship on July 17-19 at Granite Pier. The Mass Bay USA Junior Olympic Sailing Festival will be on August 13-15 in Annisquam. Both of these events should keep us all busy on both land and sea. In addition to the regattas we plan on continuing the annual cookouts on Cape Hedge Beach at the end of each sailing session as well as movie and game nights. This year's slate of officers include: Lauren Van Buskirk and Emma Delphin as Co-Commodores; and Ashley Porter and Kaitlin O'Donnell as Co-Secretaries

Lauren Van Buskirk

Long Range Planning - The Long Range Planning Committee has been working on ways to increase participation of volunteers. Not only does this help to keep our dues lower, but it is part of what makes us the special kind of Club we are. It is also a great way to meet new members. We are working on a description of areas where help is most needed. Look for this with your dues bill, and please offer your assistance.

Marilyn Thompson

Social Committee -. The time of the year is here again to start thinking and planning our 2001 season. I wish to thank all those faithful people who have helped throughout the season to make all our events a success - those who provided the wonderful appetizers, setting up and breaking down, and especially to all those who support our social activities making them successful. Again, special thanks to Molly Clark, Jennifer Ober and her wonderful crew, and to Eileen Smith and Sheena Pollock who pitched in and did our Business Meeting dinner. Jennifer will not be doing the snack bar this year, and we are in the process of looking for someone to take over. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Don't hesitate to call me.

Many of you have expressed an interest in having our spring dinner "up the line" for a change. Those who work closer to Boston will find it an easier commute to the Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers this year. Directions are Rt. 128 to Rt. 62E (Exit 22E) towards Beverly. The yacht is a mile +/- from 128 on the right. A big white ship's wheel marks the entrance. We will be in the Garden Terrace Room on the lower level, which is handicap accessible. I hope to see you all for a great dinner. PLEASE, make your reservations early! See you soon.

Debbie Hale

Membership - The current membership stands at 915. The committee has been working with the Long Range Planning people on a plan to encourage more volunteer participation. We will again advertise "Open House" coffees on June Sundays to give potential new members an opportunity to visit us. These events will be staffed by the Membership Committee to answer questions and introduce new members to those with similar interests.

Richard Aprans

News from the Harbor Department - T-Wharf will have construction going on in the spring and summer months due to the renovation of the Forest Fire Station. The Forest Fire Department is moving to a new building at the DPW lot on upper Main Street. The Harbor Department will have a portion of that T-Wharf building for an office and boat storage. We are very excited about this and look forward to being on the waterfront with all our activities. The rest of the building will be dedicated to restrooms and an information center.

We will be going to town meeting in March prepared to ask for a much needed new patrol boat. The Harbor Department has been fortunate to have patrol boats donated to us for over 40 years. It is now time to replace our present Boston Whaler, which is 17 years old, with a similar boat, a little larger and with more protection from the elements. Your continued support will be greatly appreciated at town meeting.

Harbormaster Report - The Rockport Harbor Department would like to remind boat owners to check their moorings and prepare for the upcoming season. Your mooring gear should be checked from the ground tackle up to the regulation buoy. As the regulations state, the buoy must be white with a blue stripe around the center, and marked with the boat owner's name and the length of the boat

Harbor Office hours are on Thursdays at Town Hall from 7 pm-8:30 pm

Harbormasters Rosemary Lesch, Scott Story and Ron Petoff

Fishing Tournament - The 4th Annual SBYC Fishing Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, August 4 with fishing from dawn until 2 pm. It will be a Striped Bass Tournament with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes and a raffle. There will be a cookout immediately following weigh-in, at which time the awards will be given and the raffle held. The event is open to all age groups. Any member willing to help organize the Tournament or with any questions should call Ron Brown at 978-283-8817 or email

Ron Brown

SBYC Members' Night at West Marine - Need boating gear, hardware, supplies, a new life jacket, clothing or more? West Marine, on Route 1 in Peabody, has set aside a night for SBYC members to receive a discount off their already discounted prices. On Thursday, May 10, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. you will be able to receive a 5% discount on electronics, and a 10% discount on everything else. This discount will be valid only for that night, and applies to all items in stock, as well as any items ordered.






 Annual Spring Dinner

Friday, April 27, 2001
Danversport Yacht Club
Garden Terrace Room
161 Elliott Street
Danvers, MA 01923
Social 6:00 - Cash Bar


Fresh Fruit Cup with Sorbet
Tossed Garden Salad
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Fresh Baked Schrod
Roasted Red Potatoes
Fresh Vegetable Medley
Cheesecake Duet with Raspberry Sauce
Fresh Baked Rolls, Coffee, Tea and Brewed Decaf Coffee

Reservation Deadline - Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Chicken Cordon Bleu @ $26.50
Fresh Baked Schrod @ $26.50
Includes tax and gratuity

Please make checks payable to Sandy Bay Yacht Club and send to:
Debbie Hale, 2 Seagull Street, Rockport, MA 01966
Please check in as you enter. See you there! Thank you.




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