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Work Day: A Rousing Success!

With a thankfully mild winter coming on the heels of last September's tragic events, we all look to the upcoming season with mixed emotions. With the loss of member Richard Ross and many other close and distant friends and with America at war, the world has truly changed. For many of us, the simple pleasures of sailing, friends and community have a renewed meaning, and we look forward to the new season as an opportunity to bring people together and share our common interests.

As many of you already know, the Sailing Program will be undergoing significant change with the hiring of a new sailing director, Eric Helgesen. In a departure from past practice, Eric has not previously been involved in the club, so please welcome him and provide him the support he needs to continue the program. Board members Joanne Levin and Joe Chambers will be working closely with Eric.

We have comparatively few regattas this year and hope to have some variation in social events. The Social Committee, under Leslie Cooney, is planning some less formal potluck dinners or barbecues to provide additional opportunity to bring members together. The Membership Committee under Richard Aprans is also planning an event targeted at prospective members that will be open to all members.

The House Committee under our Vice-Commodore and chair Ed Desmarais continues to work to revitalize the club. Although we have made significant repairs and improved the appearance of the club, there are still some major projects we hope to continue, contingent on financing. Ed is doing excellent work at preparing plans for scheduled maintenance and has some very exciting concepts for enhancing the facility.

Liz Bennett, whom many of you may recall worked for Jennifer Beal Ober, will be joining us to run the snack bar. Please show her your support.

Ned Jeffries, new to the Board, has agreed to serve as Fleet Captain, and will be working to coordinate fleet issues with the board. We have asked Ned to discuss with the fleets the difficult issues of fleet expansion given space restrictions. The only prospect for additional space for boat owners appears to be Granite Pier, and would require an agreement with the Town and Granite Pier Committee, as well as significant investment to install a crane. Anyone willing to work on this type of a project should discuss it with Ned.

Race Committee chair Steve Fritch has agreed to continue on and I urge everyone involved in racing, or who enjoys spending time on the water, to lend a hand.

In conjunction with the Long Range Planning Committee, chaired by Marilyn Thompson, assisted by Polly Brown, we are also continuing to examine the club's long term finances and prospective improvements and additions, including possibilities for re-configuration of the Club facility.

Once again, Ron Petoff will be staying with us as club manager. I can never express enough my appreciation for his efforts. Although it takes all of the members to keep the club going, Ron invariably brings it all together, and I am grateful to have him with us. I am also especially thankful for the hard work that Ellie Stevens and John Harper continue to do for us.

I look forward to seeing you at our first event, the Spring Dinner and at work weekend, shortly thereafter. I invite and encourage all of you to attend the Commodore's Reception, and look forward to sharing another enjoyable season with all of you.

Stephen M. Ouellette, Commodore






Treasurer - The operating account for last year provided an excess of $7591.87 of income over expenses which was transferred to the capital account. From this amount allocations were made to the launch/engine, office equipment, club improvements and dredging reserve funds to have monies available when needed for these situations. Unexpected equipment failures and an increase in fees charged for services made it impossible to transfer reserve funds during the year.

John Harper

House - The House Committee will continue recent year's focus on improving the physical condition of the club and equipment. Overall, the club's property and equipment is in excellent shape. Repairing the columns and sill for the front porch, replacing the flagpole, and building a new float are the highest priority improvements planned for completion prior to May 15th. Due to capital budget constraints, we will defer replacing the locker roof shingles until the fall.

To maintain the club's appearance and operational readiness, we are holding a spring "work day" again this year. Please save May 11 as the first date for the "work day". May 18 will be the rain date. We will supply the tools, materials and lunch. We invite everyone to participate. You do not have to be a skilled craftsperson to contribute to the success of the day's activities and the club's appearance.

Over the years, club members have expressed desires that would alter the existing configuration of the club. Some of the desires include switching the location of the ladies room with the kitchen, rebuilding the kitchen, finishing the second floor meeting room, adding a second floor bathroom and providing additional storage on the second floor. To address these desires, the Board will approach a local college or university that has an architectural studies program and offer them the opportunity to provide design alternatives as a service-learning project. The outcome of the project should provide us with alternative designs and models, a preliminary budget and a list of the approvals we would need to proceed with the project. If you are interested in assisting with this project, please contact me.

Ed Desmarais

Race Committee - The 2001 race season was very successful due to the large number of volunteers who helped out. Nearly 150 volunteer days were given to the season. More members in the club learned various Race Committee duties, which is bringing some real depth to the club. I would like to see this continue this year as well.

We were unsuccessful in hiring a Primary Race Officer for last season so all the fleets participated in filling this position. This was greatly appreciated and a good learning experience for all. I am hopeful that we will have a full-time PRO for the coming season. The "mandatory" voluntary program will be in place for this coming year. Each fleet captain will be contacted to fill the position. There is a Basic Race Management Course run by US Sailing on May 5, 2002 at Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead. More information is on the Web Site of

The Race Committee Boat is in good shape after a rebuilt transmission, and will be ready to begin the 2002 season.

I will be keeping the fleet captains up-to-date as we get closer to the season, which is not far off. I look forward to another great year and hope to see you at the Skipper and Crew meeting at NOON on Saturday, May 25th. 

Steve Fritch

SBYC Fleet Captain - Dock space continues to be a problem at SBYC. As has been the case for the last several years, it is likely that there will be more boats this year looking for dry dock space than the club can accommodate. The club allocates the 15 available spaces each year as follows: Stars (10), Flying Scots (1), Rhodes 19s (1), and Bullseyes (1). The remaining two spaces, along with any "leftovers" not claimed by the fleets, are then allocated based on a lottery system.

As of press time, it looks like the Star fleet will be using its full allowance for the first time in several years. While there may be one or two temporary moorings to be allocated through the lottery in addition to the two dock spaces, the total number of lottery spaces will in all likelihood be lower than it was last year. Please do not encourage prospective members with boats to join with the expectation of getting dry sailing space or a mooring as they may be disappointed.

Members with boats who would like to be considered for dock space should contact their fleet captains or me prior to May 1. The lottery is scheduled to be held at the club on the Saturday of the Work Weekend (May 11; May 18 rain date)

Finally, please remember the following important highlights from the Dock Space Policy (feel free to contact me for the complete text):

  • The club is not obligated to provide storage space for members' boats.
  • Each fleet is responsible for allocating the spaces granted to it, either from the policy allocation or from the lottery.
  • In order to be eligible to use a dry dock space, boat owners must be on the Town of Rockport mooring list.
  • In order to free up dock space to other club members, boat owners must place their boats on a mooring if offered one by the town.
  • Having dry dock space in one year does not create entitlement to a space in the following year.
  • Finally, in order to be eligible for dry sailing spaces in succeeding years, boats must be raced in at least 50% of the races designated by the fleet, with some allowances made for race committee duty, away regattas, etc.

Ned Jeffries

Social - Before we launch our new year at SBYC, we should reflect on the accomplishments of last year and take a moment to extend our heartfelt thanks to Debbie Hale for all her hard work. It is not an easy task following in the footsteps of such a skilled organizer, but I am taking a page from her book, literally, and basing the core calendar around Deb's tried-and-true formula. Molly Clark, Karen Ouellette and Pam Jacobsen have been kind enough to offer to work with me through the season, and we welcome others to join us.

In light of the events of the past six months, we intend to make the season a happy one that all of our members can enjoy. The ideas are many, the season shorter than we would like, so as the yacht club is an extended family, our philosophy is to include as many of this family as we can in our plans. Look for informal gatherings around the grill on Friday nights and maybe some family fun on the beach or in the park. Look to the bulletin boards for these events. I have included in the calendar three events that we hope you will support: a family night in July, a dinner/dance for members and friends in August, and a potluck gathering in March 2003.

The Snack Bar will be opening for the season under the management of a familiar face behind the grill. Liz Bennett, who worked previously with Jennifer Beal Ober, will cater many of our functions as well.

You will find the Annual Spring Dinner menu and reservation form on the back page of the newsletter. This year's dinner will be held at Brackett's on Sunday, April 28th. What better way to mark the start of the season than by dining with friends at tables overlooking Sandy Bay.

So rest now, and be ready to enjoy a great summer season.

Leslie Cooney

Junior Yacht Club - This summer the Junior Yacht Club is looking forward to working with the new sailing director, Eric Helgesen, and plans on incorporating new activities into the summer schedule. We are hoping for a large turnout for the SBYC Junior Yacht Club float in the Fourth of July parade and will continue with the annual cookouts on the beach. We urge all Junior Yacht Club members to check both in the Clubhouse and on the SBYC Junior Yacht Club Calendar web site for dates and times of upcoming events.

Lauren Van Buskirk - Commodore
Ben Hoerner - Vice Commodore
Tim Greely -  SecylTreas.

2002 Sailing Program - The sailing program is looking forward to a summer of continued growth and excitement. Eric Helgesen has been hired as the program Sailing Director. He will coordinate activities for the adult and junior sailing programs as well as shared coaching responsibility for the 420 race team. Eric comes to Sandy Bay Yacht Club with a background in education, both on land and in the water. He taught and coached Optis and 420s at Shattemuc Yacht Club, Ossining, NY while in high school and college. He graduated from University of New Hampshire, where he was on the sailing team for four years and served as the captain for two. Following graduation, he coached the FJ and Sabot racing teams at Balboa Yacht Club, Corona Del Mar, CA for one season. Eric is currently a mathematics teacher at Manchester-Essex Regional High School, teaching Algebra and Geometry to over 100 students.

The organization and class structure of the junior sailing program remain basically unchanged.' Our calendar has been affected by the late final day of classes in the area's public schools. If five snow days are used, classes will not end until Thursday, June 27. This will force us to hold our first day of classes on July 1 St. We have tentative plans to hold registration for new and returning junior sailors on Saturday, May 18th.

Olaf Aprans will return to teach adult classes. We encourage any adults with an interest in teaming how to sail or a desire to further their skills to register. Adult registration can be done by mail. If you do not receive a Sailing Program brochure, call, and one will be mailed to you.

Joanne Levin

Long Range Planning - The Long Range Planning Committee is going to be kicking off a CAPITAL/RESERVE fundraising campaign. We feel there is a definite need for a greater amount in the reserve fund than we have been able to save. We have been fortunate that we have not had any extraordinary emergency expenses recently. We also have a great need for reserves for major capital expenses, such as remodeling the Club house, snack bar, bathrooms. Our dues structure is kept low, and we are not able to fund the reserve without this special fundraising campaign. Look for more details with your dues bills.

Marilyn Thompson

Fishing Tournament - The Annual SBYC Striped Bass Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, August 3`d. This event is open to members and guests. Once again there will be prizes for the 3 largest fish by weight, along with a raffle. Donations for the raffle as well as for the main prizes are needed. There will be a cookout following the weigh-in. Members willing to help, or with suggestions, are urged to contact Ron Brown at 978-2838817 or email

Ron Brown

Membership - Current membership at Sandy Bay Yacht Club stands at 880. In order to boost membership, we will again sponsor our "Open House" coffees on June Sundays to give potential new members an opportunity to visit us. Also as an added enticement, a cocktail party for new members is being planned for early in the season. At these events, the Membership Committee will be present to answer any questions and make introductions among new and old members of similar interests.

Richard Aprans

Harbormaster's Report - The Rockport Harbor Department is looking forward to a very exciting season. Our new 24' Boston Whaler, the Justice, arrived at T-Wharf in November 2001. It was shipped from Florida all shrink-wrapped and winterized. We will be unwrapping it in early spring and launching shortly after that. If you want a sneak peak at the boat, go on line to and click on Rockport.

The T-Wharf Harbormaster Office is nearing completion and will also be ready in early spring. All our waterfront business will be conducted from this location.

We are asking you to do the usual checking of your moorings and mooring gear. Label your regulation-mooring ball with your name and the length of the boat. If you have any questions or changes in your boating status, please drop in and let us know. Have a safe and happy boating season.

Rockport Harbor Department
Rosemary Lesch, Scott Story,
Ron Petoff and Story R. Reed

 Annual Spring Dinner

SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2002
Brackett's Oceanview Restaurant
29 Main Street
Rockport, Massachusetts

6 p.m. - Social Hour
Dinner served at 7 p.m.


Fresh Fruit Cup

Baked Stuffed Chicken w/ Supreme Sauce
Scrod & Scallop Casserole

Whipped Potatoes
Garden Salad

Lemon Sponge Dessert

Coffee or Tea

BYOB - Set-ups will be provided

Reservation Deadline - Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Baked Stuffed Chicken @ $22.00
Scrod & Scallop @ $25.00
Includes tax and gratuity

Please make checks payable to Sandy Bay Yacht Club and send to:
Leslie Cooney, 3 Andrews Hollow, Rockport, MA 01966
Seating is limited to ninety, so be sure to make your reservations early.




Sandy Bay Yacht Club, P.O. Box 37, 5 T Wharf, Rockport, MA 01966 USA
(978)546-9433 Clubhouse, (978)546-6240 Office

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