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Shallop Elizabeth Tilley visits SBYC
Bill Buckley visits Rockport and SBYC

It is hard to imagine that Spring and another sailing season are just around the corner. Last week I couldn't tell where the shrink-wrap on my Flying Scot began and the snowdrifts ended. Although the snow has now dissolved into puddles large enough to navigate, we're still sharpening skis and heading North with the Sandy Bay Yacht Club ski group this weekend. Skiing, however, has not been the only club activity this winter as the Board of Governors has again been hard at work preparing and budgeting for the upcoming season. We appear to be in good shape in terms of personnel, membership, finances and our facility, although we are still exploring options for the snack bar.

We are very excited to have Liz Fiumara moving into the position of Sailing Director. Having advanced through each stage of the program as a student and teacher, she has a unique understanding of and fondness for the program. As she will also be finishing up her academic studies this year and preparing to embark on a teaching career, she will bring her own unique abilities to the program. We hope she will remain on board for some time and I am sure she will appreciate your support. We are also fortunate that Margot Hintlian agreed to assume the duties as the Sailing Program Treasurer. She is a welcome Margot to the Sailing Program organization.

Renovations to the club will continue with locker roofs scheduled for replacement and a number of other projects underway. Through careful budgeting and a few generous gifts, the club has been able to proceed with this work using operating funds and marginal fee increases, and not having to raise additional money from the general membership. We continue to build capital funding to offset long-term expenses and equipment replacements. Nonetheless, because our operating budget only allows a small amount to be set aside for capital improvement, we have little room for unusual expenses. Each year we must borrow from the capital reserve to fund operations until dues start to come in. We will be working again this year to try to raise monies to augment our small operating reserve to ensure that early season operating and non-budgeted expenses can be spread over two or more years without borrowing from capital accounts. You will be hearing more about this as the summer progresses.

Again, we are looking forward to a busy and successful season with a number of regattas, striper tournament, etc. That we can accomplish this is due, in large part, to the fine efforts of Ron and his returning staff, the hard work and commitment of the sailing instructors, our new sailing director, and the many volunteers who commit their time and energy to make SBYC a fun place to be. We are hoping to try some innovative social events, including some Friday night open grills, etc. I encourage anyone, who hasn't already, to come down and lend a hand.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming Spring Dinner and Work Day as we prepare for the season and the opening event at the club, my personal favorite, the Commodore's Reception.

Stephen M. Ouellette

Treasurer - At the start of 2003 there was $38,261.51 to operate the club until income is received during April and May. This is less than previous years due mainly to the rebuilding of the front deck/porch and overruns of some budgets during the last quarter of 2002. Some of the items were for early billing, no doubt due to the current downturn of the economy. The budgets planned for this year has taken this into account.

John Harper

House Committee - Current activities: Re-roofing the lockers and installing a new, commercial, under-the-counter dishwasher are the two primary capital projects for the spring. The two projects will use the entire club improvements portion of the 2003 capital budget. We hope to have both projects completed before Memorial Day. As part of the operational budget, we will build one new float and finish re-caning the seats for the remaining rockers.

Work Day. Please reserve Saturday, May 17 as the tentative work day for the club. We will begin at 8:30 and serve lunch to all of our volunteers. May 18 is the rain date. The activities currently planned are:

  • Sand and varnish rockers,
  • Painting (e.g. trim on the front of the club, the eaves under the lockers),
  • Demolishing and disposing a float,
  • Minor woodworking projects (e.g. shower room floor),
  • Cleaning the deck,
  • Plant and equipment inventory to develop a capital budget, and
  • Miscellaneous start of the season activities.

At the Annual Meeting in September, we reported several activities that we would like to pursue. Unfortunately, the current budget constraints preclude us from pursuing some of the projects and we did not receive any response from educational institutions to prepare preliminary designs for an upgrade to the club. Given these constraints, the House Committee is requesting assistance with any of the following activities:

Club Upgrade. The project scope includes adding a full dormer on the rear roof of the building; adding a porch similar to the front; and reconfiguring the rest rooms and snack bar. The footprint of the proposed porch will be identical to the area under the awning. We are asking any interested club members to assist with preparing a design and construction package suitable for sending out to bid, a list of the applicable codes, a design conforming to the codes, a model, floor plans, elevations, mechanical and electrical drawings, construction drawings, specifications, equipment lists, budget and construction schedule. We also invite any interested members to assist the House Committee with overseeing this project.

New and replacement equipment. During the winter, the House Committee investigated new and replacement equipment. The current capital budget precludes our purchasing the equipment in 2003. If club members are inclined to make a contribution, the following are estimated costs associated with each respective equipment item:

  • New folding tables and chairs (~$2,000.00).
  • Two gas grills (~$1,100.00).
  • Bicycle racks (two, twenty stations commercial racks ~$1,100.00) (NOTE: This is a safety item that will enable us to reduce the trip hazards and provide access to the lockers.)
  • lce Machine (~$3,000),
  • Freezer (~$750.00)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions for additional House Committee projects.

Ed Desmarais

Race Committee - The 2002 race season was very successful due in part to having Andrew Greely as the full time Primary Race Officer and the large number of volunteers who helped out. Nearly 150 volunteer days were given by the club members for the season! More members learned various Race Committee duties, which is bringing some real depth to the club. I would like to see this continue this season as well.

We are hoping to have a full time PRO again this year. The "mandatory" voluntary Race Committee staff program will be in place again. Each fleet captain will be contacted to fill the positions. 2003 looks to be a busy and exciting season. Sandy Bay will be hosting the Rhodes 19 East Coast Championship in June as well as the Star District Championships in July. The regular race schedule will be in effect and includes racing Wednesday nights.

I will be keeping the fleet captains up-to-date as we get closer to the season, which is not far off. I look forward to another great year and hope to see you at the Skipper and Crew meeting at NOON on Saturday, May 24th.

Steve Fritch

SBYC Fleet Captain - As always, dock space continues to be a problem at SBYC. Last year we were fortunate in being able to find either a dock space or a temporary mooring for every boat that needed one. It is too early to tell how we'll end up this year, but with a full complement of Stars and at least six Rhodes 19s, two Flying Scots and two Bullseyes interested in spaces, it could be touch and go.

Members with boats who would like to be considered for dock space should contact their fleet captain or me prior to May 1. The lottery is scheduled to be held on the Work Day (May 17; rain date, May 18) at the club. Dock spaces are allocated according to the standing Dock Space Policy, excerpts from which were published in last year's Spring Newsletter (available on the SBYC web-site).

This year the club is hosting three regattas, including the Rhodes 19 District Championships (June 1315), Ned Hay (June 21-22), and the Star District Championships (July 18-20). Dry-sailing skippers from non-regatta fleets are asked to remove their boats and trailers from the dock by noon on the day before the first day of racing on these weekends. Please note that the two District Championships events begin on Friday, so boats and trailers should be removed by Thursday noon. Those interested in leaving their boats in the water for these weekends should check in with Ron.

Ned Jeffries

Membership Committee - Membership currently stands at 882. It is the hope of the committee to increase membership through sponsorship of "Open House" coffees on June Sundays so that prospective members will have the opportunity to visit and meet us. On August 9, the committee is planning to have a new members' cocktail party so that new members, prospective members, and established members can meet each other. At these events, the Membership Committee will be present to answer any questions and to make introductions among new and old members who have similar interests.

Bill McKinney

Long Range Planning - The Long Range Planning Committee is still in need of establishing a CAPITAL/RESERVE fund. A fundraising campaign was begun last year and stalled. We feel there is a definite need for a greater amount in the reserve fund than we have been able to save. We have been fortunate not to have had extraordinary emergency expenses recently. We do have a great need for reserves for major capital expenses, like repairs to the front deck and future improvements such as remodeling the clubhouse, snack bar and bathrooms. Our dues structure is kept low, and we are not able to fund the reserve without a fundraising campaign.

Joe Chambers

Social Committee - The days are getting longer, the temperatures warmer. Boats are being readied for that all important date with the club crane. The time has come to start considering what SBYC might offer for summer activities and social gatherings.

Last year taught us to understand the importance of getting together. We had record attendance at most of our club-sponsored events. Early indications are that we can anticipate an equally enthusiastic crowd this year. And we have a dedicated social committee eager to put together a busy Social calendar. 2003 club social events are dovetailed with many special regatta and race-related events that Sandy Bay is hosting this year, so brace yourselves for a whirlwind season.

Last year's Dinner-Dance was such a monumental success (despite the oppressive temperatures) that we have been asked to do it again this year. Our tireless planning crew has indicated that they are willing to pull it together once more for another delightful August evening. Our Junior-Senior-Family Cookout was another surprise hit. It is back this year as well, along with the Steak & Lobster Night. Additionally we are re-introducing an old favorite the pancake breakfast, a fundraiser to help pay for new chairs and tables. So mark your calendars. Watch the bulletin boards for additional information and don't forget to sign up to host a Sunday morning coffee.

We are grateful to a certain contingent of volunteers who faithfully appear to work their magic before and after each of our social gatherings. But they should not continue to bear the responsibility alone. We are seeking additional social committee members to help bring about these events that provide many a summer evening's entertainment. These events require a tremendous amount of preplanning and on-site work. We are a motley crew, but we have a lot of fun pulling everything together. So come, join our committee, and lend a hand. It's also a great way for new members to get acquainted. We'll gladly welcome you aboard.

Leslie Cooney

Junior Yacht Club - This summer the Junior Yacht Club is looking forward to working with the new sailing director, Liz Fiumara. Two cookouts on Cape Hedge Beach are planned - one during the first session in July and one in August during the second session. Labor Day events that include the entire family are scheduled. The annual Junior Yacht Club float in the Fourth of July Parade will need your ideas, enthusiasm and participation. Junior sailors become members of the Junior Yacht Club with payment of dues, required at registration, and can take part in all JYC sponsored events.

Junior Yacht Club members should check the bulletin board at the Clubhouse for the dates and times of upcoming events or contact the officers with your questions and suggestions.

Joanna Clark, Co-commodore
Alex Levin, Co-commodore

2003 Sailing Program - The sailing program is looking forward to a summer of continued excitement. Liz Fiumara has been hired as the SSP Sailing Director. Many of you know Liz, but if you do not, please stop by and introduce yourself. Liz grew up sailing and racing at SBYC. She has been on the teaching staff for seven years and served as a race coach for the past two summers. Liz is graduating from Salve Regina University in May with a teaching degree. We are thrilled to have Liz's continuing presence in the Sailing Program.

The Sailing Program is pleased to have Olaf Aprans return to teach the adult classes. Adults with an interest in learning how to sail or a desire to further their skills are encouraged to register. Adult registration can be done by mail. If you do not receive a Sailing Program brochure, call, and one will be mailed to you.

Organization and class structure of the sailing program remain basically unchanged. Our calendar has been set and, barring a late season blizzard affecting the public school calendar, the first day of sailing classes is scheduled for Monday, June 23. Registration for new and returning junior sailors will be held on Saturday May 10 and an orientation for all junior sailors and parents is planned for Tuesday, June 17 at 6:00 p.m. We look forward to seeing you in the Spring!

Joanne Levin

Fishing Tournament - The 6th Annual SBYC Striped Bass Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, August 9. This event is open to members and guests. Once again there will be prizes for the three largest fish by weight, along with a raffle. Donations for the raffle as well as for the main prizes are needed. There will be a cookout following the weigh-in. Members willing to help, or with suggestions are urged to contact the commodore or Ed Salas at 978-546-8522 or email edsa@hotmail.corn.

Stephen Ouellette

Harbormaster Report - The long winter is still here, but we are looking ahead to a warm spring and summer of boating. The Harbor Department has been busy with ongoing business that will lead us into busy days on the water. The first season with our new patrol boat, a 24' Boston Whaler, proved to be a success, and we look forward to many, many years with this boat. The Harbor office on T-Wharf has enabled us to deal with waterfront business and easy access to local as well as visiting boaters.

A special thank you to all SBYC members for their continued support. We ask that you continue to follow Harbor Rules and Regulations by having your mooring checked and by clearly marking your regulation mooring balls with the blue band around the center showing your name and length of boat.

Harbor Office Hours are Thursday evenings 7p.m. - 8:30p.m. at our office on T-Wharf, or call if you have any questions at 978-546-9589.

Rockport Harbor Department
Rosemary Lesch
Scott Story
Ron Petoff
Story Reed






 Annual Spring Dinner

SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 2003
Brackett's Oceanview Restaurant
29 Main Street
Rockport, Massachusetts

6 p.m. - Social Hour
Dinner served at 7 p.m.


Fresh Fruit Cup

Baked Stuffed Chicken w/ Supreme Sauce
Scrod & Scallop Casserole

Whipped Potatoes

Garden Salad

Lemon Sponge Dessert

Coffee or Tea

BYOB - Set-ups will be provided

Reservation Deadline - Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Seating is limited to ninety, so be sure to make your reservations early.

Baked Stuffed Chicken @ $23.00
Scrod & Scallop @ $25.00
Includes tax and gratuity

Please make checks payable to Sandy Bay Yacht Club and send to:
Leslie Cooney, 3 Andrews Hollow, Rockport, MA 01966




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