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Greetings to all!

Increased daylight and warmer days portend the arrival of the (too short) sailing season. The Board of Governors (BOG) has been working diligently over the winter to make 2004 another great year. We hope to build on our many successes and to continue to make improvements to the club and our programs.

The 2003 fiscal year presented unique challenges to the club. The club experienced significant (for SBYC) operating and capital budget deficits that strained our limited financial resources. The deficits were approximately 10/a of our annual operating budget. The significant number of members who did not renew their memberships and an equally significant number of boat owners who did not launch their boats were the primary factors impacting revenues. The club also experienced an unusual number of unplanned and increased operational expenses. The BOG analyzed several years of operating budget trends and concluded that 2003 was an aberration. In the capital budget, the club planned to draw down reserves to cover the locker roof and dishwasher projects. Prudent planning by previous Boards provided the reserves necessary to meet both the operating and capital deficits.

The BOG approached the 2004 budget with more conservative revenue and expense assumptions. We anticipated continued double digit growth in expenses in several areas (e.g. insurances, fuel) over which we have no control. The BOG also reviewed our insurance policies and increased the coverage where necessary to ensure complete property replacement in the event of loss. The increases in dues and boat fees reflect both the inflationary increases in expenses and the super-inflationary increases in expenses. I assure you, the BOG made and will continue to make every effort to keep our dues and fees reasonable and to control our expenses without adversely impacting the level of services and quality of programs. Once again, we rely heavily on your volunteer efforts in support of the club and its programs.

With the frank financial discussion behind us, let's also recognize our successes and the opportunities ahead of us. We are building on several years of recent, substantive renovations to the club's buildings, docks, boats, crane, and infrastructure. The club looks great! On behalf of the BOG, I want to express our appreciation for the dedication and hard work you provide to preserve the distinctive nature of our club.

Ned Jeffries, our vice-commodore and fleet captain, is working on a number of projects. Ned has invigorated our financial and fiduciary planning with a professional approach (asset preservation (e.g. lease), risk management (e.g. insurance), treasury (e.g. bookkeeping, reporting) and budgeting (e.g. operating and capital budgets) while maintaining the integrity of the traditional SBYC spirit and low-key approach.

Frank Hassler and the House Committee's primary focus will be to maintain our existing physical plant and track several capital projects. The most significant and exciting activity pertains to the planned kitchen renovation and ladies room relocation. I encourage you to review the House Committee report and to volunteer to participate on the review subcommittee. If all goes well, you will hear more about the planned renovation at the July and August meetings.

The 2004 social calendar started last weekend with the SBYC ski trip in North Conway, NH. More than twenty, hearty souls enjoyed the camaraderie. It was a great start to the year! Pam Jacobson and Beth Leahy have a full slate of activities planned for the year. I encourage you to mark your calendars and reserve the dates for these activities.

Leslie Cooney and her Membership Committee plan a robust spring and summer member recruiting season. New members keep our sailing exciting, foster new friendships, and are essential to the future of the club. Recruiting new members and maintaining existing members will be one of the critical activities for the upcoming year. Look for promotional materials and several events that will invite and encourage prospective members to join us. Your help is essential!

Jim Lidington and the Race Committee will continue the great racing we have had in recent years. In the spirit of prudent fiscal management, we will continue the practice of race committee volunteerism.

Bill McKinney is the BOG's primary contact with the Junior Yacht Club and Sailing Program. Bill also volunteered to chair a subcommittee that will review and revise the club's by-laws. Bill plans to present the proposed revisions for your initial review at the July meeting. We tentatively plan to vote on the proposal at the annual meeting.

The BOG is excited that Liz Fiumara will return as our Sailing Program director. Liz has had a busy winter (new Optimists are on the dock) and she is currently hiring her staff for the summer.

Ed Desmarais, Commodore

Treasurer - Last year was a poor one from a financial point of view. This was caused by income from dues and fees not meeting the budget projection together with expenses exceeding projections. Thanks to the foresight by the Board in previous years, there were sufficient funds in the Capital Fund to close the Operating Fund at a zero balance at the end of the year. To eliminate the problem in the coming year, selected income items will be increased and no club improvements are planned. Every attempt is being made to replenish and increase the capital fund reserves.

House Committee - Current activities: The facilities and equipment are in good shape for the coming season by virtue of the efforts of the club members and leadership over the last several years. There is, however, a significant list of items that should be undertaken in the next several years. Unfortunately this year, the budget constraints preclude our pursuing most of the projects.

The aged ice machine and the freezer are the two items most in need of replacement. The estimated costs of the ice machine and freezer are $2,000 and $500 respectively. A fund has been established for those club members who are inclined to make a contribution toward the purchase of these items.

Within our operating budget, we must rehabilitate our floats and make minor improvements to the main hoist. Budget permitting, we will build a new bicycle rack and benches with storage for the sailing program.

Work Day. Please reserve Saturday, May 15, as the tentative work day for the club. We will begin at 8:30 and serve lunch to all of our volunteers. May 22 is the rain date. Activities currently planned are:

  • Sand and varnish rockers,

  • Painting (e.g. trim on the front of the club, the eaves under the lockers),

  • Repairing club floats,

  • Minor woodworking projects (e.g. bicycle rack),

  • Cleaning the deck,

  • Updating plant and equipment inventory for capital budgeting process,

  • Miscellaneous start of the season activities.

Club Upgrade. A potential future club project includes adding a full dormer on the rear roof of the building, adding a porch similar to the front, and reconfiguring the rest rooms and snack bar. The footprint of the proposed porch will be identical to the area under the awning. We have formed a review committee of interested club members to assist with preparing a design and construction package suitable for sending out to bid, a list of the applicable codes, a design conforming to the codes, a model, floor plans, elevations, mechanical and electrical drawings, construction drawings, specifications, equipment lists, budget and construction schedule. We also invite any interested members to assist the House Committee with overseeing this project.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions for additional House Committee projects.

Frank Hassler

SBYC Fleet Captain - As always, dock space continues to be a challenge at SBYC. Members with boats who would like to be considered for dock space should contact their fleet captain or me prior to May 1. The lottery is scheduled to be held on the Work Day (Saturday, May 15) at the club. Dock spaces are allocated according to the standing Dock Space Policy, excerpts of which were published in the 2002 Spring Newsletter, available on the SBYC web-site.

This year the club is hosting three regattas, and we ask for members' help and cooperation to ensure that they go smoothly. The 2004 regattas include the Ned Hay (July 17-18), the Bullseye Nationals (July 24-25), and the Flying Scot District Championship (July 31 Aug. 1). Dry-sailing skippers from non-regatta fleets are asked to remove their boats and trailers by noon on Friday of these weekends. Those interested in leaving their boats in the water for these weekends should check with Ron.

Ned Jeffries

Membership - The Membership Committee is looking for ways to open up membership to more families and adult members. We plan to host an Open House early in the season to introduce our facilities and programs to the community. As our snowbirds and snow lovers are trickling back to Rockport a little later than usual, a major planning meeting is in the works for May 2"d at 11 am at the club.

In addition to the Open House, the membership cocktail party and grill-time, we will showcase Sandy Bay Yacht Club in a new brochure, thanks to the efforts and artistry of Beth Leahy, talented graphic artist and new member of the Board: We hope that the brochure and Open House will bring exposure and new members. If you know any potential members, please let us know so that we can add them to our mailing list.

Stay warm and healthy. We look forward to a great season both on and off the water. Leslie Cooney (978-546-5105)

Social - With the frigid weather we've been experiencing, it's great to be thinking ahead to the summer that will come eventually. The last couple of years the social committee has been led by a wonderful and tireless Leslie Cooney!! We thank you, Leslie!!

We will kick off the SBYC 2004 year with our Annual Spring Dinner at Brackett's Ocean View Restaurant on May 2"d. In order to have all the seating in the main dining room; we are limited to 90 people. So send in your reservation early! What a terrific opportunity to invite a new member to join you. We look forward to seeing you there.

The highly successful pancake breakfast is back! Mark your calendars for Monday, May 31, and join us at the club to help raise the funds needed to purchase more new tables and chairs. Volunteers are always welcome to come and help out.

SBYC will be a bee-hive of activity this summer, with several fleets hosting big regattas, so we have incorporated a couple of our family cook-outs in between these events. Also keep your eye on the social bulletin board for Family Open Grill Nights.

Sunday morning coffees have become an important tradition to the life of the SBYC. Your help is needed to make these a success. Gather a few of your friends and sign up on the bulletin board inside the club to host one of the Sunday coffees.

All the events require a lot of planning and on-site manual labor. We always welcome anyone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and work together to create a fun and memorable time for everyone. Beth and Pam are only a phone call away to volunteer your time in any way you can.

Pam Jacobson (978-546-1099)
Beth Leahy (978-546-6571)

Junior Yacht Club - After going through a difficult winter, the Junior Yacht Club is hoping that our summer activities will heat things up. Working with Liz Fiumara, our resourceful Sailing Director is always exciting. Our first activity will be to plan and execute how we will represent the Junior Yacht Club in the annual Fourth of July Parade, and we would appreciate your thoughts and involvement. We also want to continue our tradition of having our two cookouts at Cape Hedge Beach - one during the first session in July and one in August during the second session. Since our Labor Day events were so successful, we would also like to have JYC members and their families participate to the fullest extent. All those who are involved in the junior sailing program become members at registration when dues are paid, and they should plan on participating as much as possible. Check the bulletin board at the Clubhouse for the dates and times of upcoming events or to contact the officers with your questions and suggestions.

Matthew McKinney, Junior Commodore

2004 Sailing Program - We are truly fortunate to have a Sailing Director who not only grew up sailing and racing at SBYC, but is also a member of the Rockport education community. Liz Fiumara brings her unique experience into every aspect of maintaining a first-rate program, and she will infuse the program with her singular leadership style. Those students who are returning to the program will see familiar faces in the instructional staff and the program is essentially the same. Unless we experience another blizzard, which would affect the public school calendar, the following dates should be noted:

  • Saturday, May 8 Registration for junior sailors

  • Monday, June 21 First session starts for both juniors and adults

Detailed information will be found in the sailing program brochure that you should receive shortly.

The adult classes are again in the capable hands of Olaf Aprans. Adults with an interest in learning how to sail or a desire to further their skills are encouraged to register. Adult registration can be done by mail. If you do not receive a Sailing Program brochure, call, and one will be mailed to you.

Bill McKinney






Race Committee - I'm happy to report that Andrew Greely will be returning as our full-time PRO for the 2004 racing season. He will be joined on the committee boat by volunteers from the fleets, continuing the very successful approach introduced by Steve Fritch two seasons ago. The mark boat will remain in the capable hands of Ron Petoff. Andrew and Ron are a proven team that will continue the tradition of superior race management that we enjoy here at Sandy Bay.

Details of the race schedule including three regattas hosted at SBYC are shown on the 2004 Race Schedule listing on page 7.

In April, I will be in touch with the fleet captains to receive their scoring system details and race format preferences, so please have these ready. We'll kick off the season with a Skippers' and Crew meeting at NOON on Saturday, May 29th (Memorial Day Weekend).

In response to feedback from the fleets, we plan to vary the race format a bit more this year in order to take full advantage of what is arguably the best sailboat racing venue in New England. So get your boats tuned up there's going to be a whole lot of great racing going on in 2004!

Jim Lidington

Web Site Update - Several changes have been made to the club's web site over the last few months. Due to recurring problems with the previous web host's servers, the site needed to be moved to a new server with a new web host. The photo section has been updated and expanded with a lot of great photos from the 2003 season; a new Message Board with a much nicer format has been implemented; a new Site Search function improves upon the older one; and a new Weather Center has been created providing local conditions and forecasts.

Future plans include a weather station at the club, which would provide real-time conditions at SBYC, and a "Harbor Cam" which would show frequently updated photos of Rockport Harbor. However, because of fiscal constraints and project priorities, we will need to rely upon donations for the equipment needed to employ these features.

If you haven't seen our web site, take a look at:

Rockport Harbormaster - The Rockport Harbormasters would like you to think safety as you put your boats together for the 2004 season. Check all safety gear, radios, rigging, engines, and make sure all are in order when you launch your boat. Prior to launching, check or have checked your mooring gear, mark your regulation mooring ball with a blue stripe, your name and the length of the boat. This identification is mandatory for proper identification of your boat and mooring equipment.

The Rockport Harbor Department has office hours every Thursday night at the Harbor Office on T-Wharf from 7 pm - 8:30 pm. Check out the web page for the North Shore Harbormasters at There are 28 North Shore communities represented on this site.

Rockport Harbormasters
Rosemary Lesch, Scott Story, Ron Petoff, Story Reed

SUNDAY MAY 2, 2004

Brackett's Oceanview Restaurant
29 Main Street
Rockport, Massachusetts

6pm - Social Hour
Dinner served at 7pm




Reservation Deadline: Tuesday April 27, 2004

Baked Stuffed Chicken dinner(s) @ $30.00
Baked Scrod & Scallop dinner(s) @ $30.00
(Prices include tax and gratuity)

Please make checks payable to Sandy Bay Yacht Club.
Send to Pamela Jacobson, 3 Briarstone Rd, Rockport, MA 01966

Seating is limited to ninety, so be sure to make your reservations early.




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