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2003 Photos
also see 2003 Sailing Program Photos

and 2003 Labor Day Activities Photos

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Around the Club

Gus in the rain

Mouth of Rockport Harbor
December 6th Nor'easter - Randy Brown

Ned Hay Regatta

Flying Scots at the start

Dave O'Malley on a launch

Gusto Cup Start

The Race Committee

Nancy & Joanne

Gusto Cup Start

Bobette Simpson Race

Adults & Juniors in the Ned Cameron Race

Karen Ouellette in a Turnabout
Adopt-A-Boat Classroom at SBYC in April
Captain Bill Lee -
Photos by Karen Ouellette

Shallop Elizabeth Tilley visits Rockport and SBYC - July 2003
Photos by Rob Vanbuskik

Shallop sailing into Rockport Harbor

A support vessel aids the Shallop in docking

Tied up in front of SBYC

Harry Walen reads a poem
welcoming the Elizabeth Tilley.

The Elizabeth Tilley, a replica of a 17th century vessel, entered Rockport Harbor July 29, 2003 to dock for the night at SBYC. Twelve costumed sailors are re-creating a voyage that took place in 1628 from Plymouth to Augusta, Maine during which the pilgrim John Howland traded corn for beaver furs. The sailors have brought corn with them intending to trade it in Augusta for beaver pelts.
More about the Elizabeth Tilley

A Bagpiper greets the Shallop

William F. Buckley visits SBYC - August, 2003

Charlie Clark & Bill Buckley

Gus, Olaf, Richard & Max Aprans with Bill Buckley

Jake Fiumara, Bill Buckley & Ron Petoff

Dance at the Country Club - August 2003
Photos by Susie Kinder

Commodore Stephen Ouellette
a.k.a. Napoleon

John Leahy & Mary Crory

Jo-Ann & Conrad Lavigne

Ed & Kathleen Desmarais, Joanne Moar

Jerry & Conrad Lavigne

Leslie Cooney, Jo-Ann Lavigne
Doris Patey & Bunny Rogers

Susie Kinder, Nancy Haas & Kathleen Desmarais

Kevin Lane, John & Shirley Preston

Peter Vincent & Louise Lavigne

Ron Petoff, Frank Hassler,
John & Marilyn Thompson

Louise Lavigne, Norma Brettell,
Peter Vincent and Nancy Haas

Shelly Vassallo, Stephen Oullette
& Rich Vassallo
More Photos - Dance at the Country Club - August 2003
Photos by Karen Ouellette

Mark Forsyth, Marianne & Ken Novack

Pam Jacobson & Bob Prichard

Kevin Kiely Balancing Act

Bob Visnick & Ann Weld

Karen Ouellette & Shelly Vassallo

The party's on!
Feeding Frenzy - October 2003

Huge schools of baitfish, mostly pogies and alewives, had been making themselves at home in Rockport. Large schools of mackerel shortly followed, feeding on the baitfish. Striped bass were chasing the mackerel, fishermen were chasing the mackerel  and seals were also enjoying the feast. Seagulls and cormorants were everywhere, loudly squawking for their piece of the action. - Photos by Ron Petoff

also see 2003 Sailing Program Photos
and 2003 Labor Day Activities Photos

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