Rhodes 19
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2006 Rhodes 19 Class National Championship Regatta
August 2225, 2006
Sandy Bay Yacht Club - Rockport, Massachusetts

Post-Registration Questionnaire

Thank you for registering for the 2006 Rhodes 19 National Regatta. When you arrive in Rockport you will find yourself in New England at the perfect time of year. There are many, many activities for you and your traveling companions to enjoy while not on the water. You will find in your registration packet a listing of some of the many local attractions.

We are eager to help you fully enjoy your stay in Rockport both on the water and off. By reading this document and completing the questions, we hope to help ensure that you do.

Skipper Name: _____________________________________ Boat Number: ________________

Trophy Eligibility

Awarding the following trophies requires having certain specific information. Some will be offered for the first time at the 2006 Nationals. Please provide the requested information, so we can include all eligible individuals.

Are the entire Group 1 competitors amateur, as defined by
ISAF Regulations Section 22?
Yes No
Don Quixote Trophy
     Placed in the top 5 in any previous Rhodes 19 Nationals?
Yes No
Robert Jensen Masters Trophy
     60 years of age or older as of 8/23/2006?
Yes No
Rhodes 19 National Championship for Corinthian Sailors
     Under 25 years of age as of 8/23/2006?
Yes No
Fitzpatrick Trophy
     Female skipper?
Yes No
A limited number of race-worthy boats are available to borrow. Loaner boats will be assigned on a first registered, first served basis. Do you require a boat?
Yes No
Consistent with the Rhodes 19 rules, you are required to sail with a crew of three. We have many excellent local sailors, as well as adult sailing classes. Will you need an extra crew member?
Yes No
If yes, please number the following criteria in order of priority:
___ Rhodes 19 racing knowledge
___ Strength
___ Minimum weight

When requested, we will make every effort to house visiting sailors and the people accompanying them with local residents. Staying with a local can be most pleasurable and enhance the experience of Rockport.

Contact Elaine Hassler (978-546-7871) (celaine@adelphia.net) with any questions concerning housing

Do you require housing?     Yes     No

If yes, for how many ____________

Preference:     Inn/B&B     Motel     Local

What date do you plan to arrive? ___________________ to leave? ____________________

Additional Housing Questions (Voluntary)
Please allow us to help ensure the best experience possible by answering the following questions:

Are there foods you don’t/can’t eat? _____________________________________________

Are stairs a problem for you?     Yes     No

Are any of the following a non-preference?     Dogs     Cats     Children

Will you need a babysitter?
Days?          8/22         8/23         8/24         8/25
Nights?        8/22         8/23         8/24         8/25
How many children? _____
Ages? __________________

Other requests:
Please list as specifically as possible. ______________________________________________________________________________








Download the Questionnaire:
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