Rhodes 19 East Coast Championships


2000 Rhodes 19 Class Association
East Coast Championship
Sandy Bay Yacht Club
Rockport, Massachusetts
August 18-20, 2000


Skipper's Name  Home Phone


Address Work Phone


City, State, Zip E-Mail Address


Crew # 1 Crew # 2


Boat Name Sail # Fleet #


Hull Color Spinnaker Color (s)


I do   do not (circle one) require a mooring or berth.

Skipper's Certification

I hereby certify that my boat conforms in all respects to the latest rules set forth in the Rhodes 19 Class Association rules. The same crew will sail all races with me, and no changes will be made without prior permission of the Race Committee. I agree to be bound by The Racing Rules of Sailing and by all other rules that govern this event.

Skipper  Signature Date


Your entry fee of $150 per boat ($155 for non-US Sailing members) received on or before August 2, 2000 entitles three people per boat to great racing, all scheduled evening events including food and drink and continental breakfast each race day morning (box lunches are extra). Entries received after August 2, 2000 are subject to a late fee of $25. Reservations are required for each additional guest to entitle them to attend all scheduled evening events ($20 each for Friday Barbecue at SBYC, $10 each for cocktails at Cherry Clark's.) Please make check payable to Rhodes 19 Fleet 36 and mail with this form to: Marilyn Thompson, 4 Ruthern Way, Rockport, MA 01966. Call (978) 546-2979 with questions.

Entry Fee $150 ($155for non-US Sailing members)
Late Fee (after August 2) ($25)  
Additional Guests at $20 per person (#    ) Fri.  
Additional Guests at $10 per person (#    ) Sat.  
Total Enclosed