Rhodes 19 East Coast Championships


2000 Rhodes 19 Class Association
East Coast Championship Regatta
Sandy Bay Yacht Club
Rockport, Massachusetts
August 18-20, 2000

1. Rules
The regatta will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing 1997-2000 (RRS) as amended, the prescriptions of the United States Sailing Association, the rules of the Rhodes 19 Class Association, the Notice of Race (except as any of these are changed by the Sailing Instructions), and the Sailing Instructions. The Organizing Authority is the Sandy Bay Yacht Club in conjunction with the Sandy Bay Rhodes 19 Fleet 36.

2. Eligibility
The regatta is open to all Rhodes 19 Class boats as defined by the rules of the Rhodes 19 Class Association. All boats must meet all ownership, class membership, yacht measurement requirements, and must have paid all event fees before becoming official competitors.

3. Registration
Entries must be submitted on the Official Entry Form and received no later than August 2, 2000. Official Entry Forms may be obtained in the Mainsheet, from the event web site (sandybay.org/rhodes/eastcoast.shtml) or from the Sandy Bay Yacht Club, P.O. Box 37, Rockport, MA 01966 (978-546-6240). The entry fee is $150 per boat ($155 for non-US Sailing members). All fees must be submitted for registration to be complete. Boats whose entry fee is received later than August 2, 2000 will be subject to a late fee of $25.00. Completed entry forms, with the entry fee, shall be mailed to: Marilyn Thompson, 4 Ruthern Way, Rockport, MA 01966.

Registration will be at the Sandy Bay Yacht Club between 1400 and 2000 hours on Thursday, August 17 and between 0800 to 0900 hours on Friday, August 18. Each boat's representative must complete registration by checking in at the registration desk and picking up their competitor's packets during these times.

4. Boat and Sail Measurement
The boat and sail measurement requirements are waived for this regatta in accordance with the Rhodes 19 Class Association Rules.

5. Schedule of Races

Friday, August 18 Race 1 - Warning Signal at 1100 hours
Race 2 - Following Race 1
Saturday, August 19 Race 3 - Warning Signal at 1100 hours
Race 4 - Following Race 3
Sunday, August 20 Race 5 - Warning Signal at 1100 hours

6. Sailing Instructions
The Sailing Instructions will be available at on-site registration. Amendments to the Sailing Instructions will be posted at the Sandy Bay Yacht Club regatta notice board by 0900 hours daily. It is the responsibility of each competitor to check the regatta notice board for any amendments to the Sailing Instructions or any other notices.

7. Courses To Be Sailed
Courses will be triangular, windward-leeward, or any combination of these designated by the Race Committee.

8. Protests
Protests and requests for redress shall be heard by a jury appointed by the organizing authority or a protest committee appointed by the race committee. Decisions of the jury or the protest committee shall be final in accordance with RRS 70.4.

9. Scoring System
The Low Point Scoring system, RRS A2, will apply, except that points will be awarded for each race as follows: three-quarters (3/4) of a point for firs place, two (2) points for second, three (3) for third, etc. in accordance with the Rhodes 19 Association Class Rules. If four or more races are completed, one race will not be counted in determining the competitor's series score, but all races will be used to break ties. Three races will constitute a series.

10. Prizes
Prizes will be awarded for series finishes (number depending upon the number of entries).

11. Mooring and Haul Out
Boats requiring a mooring or berth during the regatta should so indicate on the entry form. No haulouts will be permitted once launched until after the finish of the final race of the regatta. Exceptions to this rule in order to undertake repairs may be granted only by the race committee in writing. All competitors will be required to follow any instructions given by the dockmaster of the Sandy Bay Yacht Club regarding moorings and haulouts.

12. Information
For additional information, contact Marilyn Thompson, Co-Chairman, at (978) 546-2979, Scott Hale, Fleet Captain at (978) 546-3371 or refer to the regatta web site at sandybay.org/rhodes/eastcoast.shtml