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Talk/Lecture Series

2013 THURSDAY TALKS at Sandy Bay Yacht Club ~ 7 P.M.
Complimentary Wine and Refreshments ~ Guests Welcome

June 27 - Whales

This season's first Talk is about the whales! Join Cynde McInnis as she introduces us to the animals right off our coast--their sounds, behaviors and environmental threats. While the program is geared toward junior members, everyone will enjoy this informational presentation by The Whalemobile.

There is a special surprise as well!
Please join us on Thursday June 27 at 7:00 pm.
Sponsored by the Junior Yacht Club

July 11 - Splashdown: The Recovery of Apollo 16

In the early days of NASA's manned space program, astronauts and spacecraft were recovered at sea with an array of ships, aircraft and frogmen from Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT). Apollo 16, the second to last of the "Moon Walk" Apollo missions was recovered in April 1972 near American Samoa. Earl Kishida, in charge of the UDT platoon assigned to perform the recovery, will give a short presentation on the preparations and recovery of the Command Module of Apollo 16.

Please join us on Thursday July 11 at 7:00 pm.
Hosted by Joanne and Charlie Levin

August 1 - Eric Ronnberg - Under Sail to Australia: A Model and a Voyage

Join us for compelling history of the last of the wool clippers and stunning, rare photos of and by the late Rockport resident and Swedish maritime Captain Erik Axel Rune Ronnberg on board a four-masted barque in the last of the great grain races.

Erik Ronnberg, Jr. internationally known master ship modeler, water color artist, maritime historian, author and biologist, will present a vivid history of the MOUNT STEWART, a full rigged ship with three masts, square rigged on all three, for which he has completed a model for a private collector, and of the barque ABRAHAM RYDBERG the four-masted training ship of the Swedish merchant marine on which his father served as first mate. Erik’s models are in museums and private collections throughout the United States.

The MOUNT STEWART, 1,903 tons, built in 1891, known as a “Scottish wool clipper” sailed out of Aberdeen with general cargo and returned from Australia with wool; the barque ABRAHAM RYDBERG, 2,345 tons, a four-masted training ship of the Swedish merchant marine, built in 1892, went to Australia with ballast and returned with wheat grain.

Erik will show and describe his father’s stunning photos of the RYDBERG’s rigging and the barque under sail in ferocious seas. Erik used those photos for reference while building his model of the MOUNT STEWART. He will illuminate the details of seamanship on board the ships to illustrate the MOUNT STEWART’s construction and rigging. Photos of shipboard activity will show the unbelievably complicated rigging and tell tales of the last of the windjammers some of which, like MOUNT STEWART, were broken up during the depression following WWI, even though in prime condition.

Rarely can we have a glimpse of life on the sea during this era by a superbly knowledgeable expert on the history of sailing ships with original photos from Erik Ronnberg, Sr. whom many of us remember fondly for his remarkable rigging work and beautiful models.

Hosts: Liz & Jim Kubik and Scott & Debbie Hale



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